5.1 Wild Pets Update

I was just about to log-off after having a pleasant conversation with Malkshake when someone shouted over general chat that Sumprush Rodents we’re wandering about at Lion’s Landing just looking for good homes. So rush I did, out to the area and sure enough I can see more than a half-dozen just wandering around and no one even touching them.

Exciting for me since it’s the last wild pet I needed to complete the list of new wild pet’s released with patch 5.1 – first try I captured a grey Sumprush Rodent. I didn’t want to be greedy so I looked around a few minutes after that first fight and still I saw no one else who seemed to be engaging these wild pets. I announced to my guild they we’re up and fresh for the picking and explained how rare they are – no takers. So heck with it I battled a 2nd time and this time I picked up a green uncommon Sumprush Rodent yah! Not blue but he will definitely do.


5.1 new raid pets Check!
5.1 new wild pets Check Check!!

I’ve been planning to make myself a Safari set, choices are limited and more especially since I’m a cloth wearer. I didn’t complete it but I’m happy with the robes I picked: Stonecloth Robe which I think looks quite fine with Safari hat.

The hat is not tranmog-able of course but that’s ok because I don’t mind wearing it all the time and popping my good hat on when needed. Of course there’s the add-on Auto Safari Hat, that automatically makes sure I’m wearing the right hat when I enter a pet battle which is always a bonus in pet xp.

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