A Fresh Landing

My level 85 hunter finally accepted the summons or Kings Command leading her to join Sky Admiral Rogers on the sky ship and head out to the newly found Island in search of The White Pawn (code for the Kings son of course).

Wayward Landing Almost immediately I’m manning the gun on a airship (again) shooting multiple horde units already on the ground. I remember when Myst was first released this quest was a nightmare, http://puu.sh/18sTx lucky for me I didn’t have the problems others had and sailed right through it.

Silken Shore
Successfully hitting my targets I grab a parachute, jump from the airship, and join the other alliance players on the Silken Shore in The Jade Forest.

Open Fire
Call me a softy but once again I really did not enjoy watching what appears to be unarmed horde swimming for shore just to be cut-down before reaching the safety of land. I really just don’t like this cut-scene, it wouldn’t have mattered if they we’re one-eyed purple people eating monsters — well people eating ok maybe…

Just a reminder there is no flying in Pandaria before level 90 after which you can find your trainer in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, The Shrine of Seven Stars for alliance. I’m looking forward to questing the following Pandaria zones (again):

Jade Forest: Level 85-86 players, Alliance start out on the Southern side, Horde starts on the northern side, and most quest hubs seem to be neutral. This zone can carry you a full two levels nearly if not completing the whole zone. If your wanting to level quickly I suggest heading to Valley of the Four Winds as soon as you hit level 86.

Valley of the Four Winds: Level  86-87 players is accessible on ground mounts by riding west from the Serpent’s Heart in Jade Forest. If your wanting to level quickly I suggest heading to Kun-Lai Summit as soon as you hit level 87. The quest hub for “The Tillers” reputation can be found in the VotFW.

Krasarang Wilds: Level 86-87 players, this zone can be tougher than VotFW. Its accessible on ground mounts by taking the road south from the Thunderfoot Fields in VotFW. The quest hub for “Anglers” and “Operation Sheildwall (A)” reputations can be found in the Krasarang Wilds.

Kun-Lai Summit: Level 87-88 players can be reach the Veiled Stair north from the Grassy Cline in VotFW, up the path of a Hundred Steps, past the Tavern in the Mists, up the Spring Road and through the Ancient Passage. Standing in front of the flight master at Tavern of the Mists, look behind him towards a building set back away’s, this is the Black Market Auction House or BMAH. If your looking to level quickly then as soon as you hit level 89 you will want to wrap up the quest chain to open the gates in the wall that head into Townlong Steppes.

Townlong Steppes: Level 88-89 players, accessed through a quest chain starting in Kun-Lai Summit which will open the gates in the wall. The quest hub for “Shado-Pan” reputation can be found in the Townlong Steppes. It won’t take long and you hit 90 in this zone if you’ve been following the path for quick leveling.

Dread Wastes: Scaled for 89-90 players, this area is also blocked off by walls and must be unlocked. The quest hub for “Klaxxi” reputation can be found in the Dread Waste.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms (VoEB): This is a level 90 phased zone where players must complete quests to unlock content found here. The quest hub for “Golden Lotus” and “August Celestials” reputations can be found in the VoEB.

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