A WoW Bloggers Challenge! #50shadesofwarcraft

A WoW Bloggers Challenge! #50shadesofwarcraft

50 Shades of Warcraft

Share your screenshot by posting it to your own blog or tumbler ect.. using the hashtag #50shadesofwarcraft. There’s a new color everyday for the next 50 days using the colors listed below.

shades-of-black-and-greyI’ve participated in a few WoW blog challenges and always had a lot of fun doing so. So much fun that I’ve often pondered about making one myself but I’ve never really been able to settle on a theme. Until now… While I haven’t read or seen it myself I have found it rather hard to ignore all the BUZZ about the super popular book and recent movie “50 Shades of Grey“.

Of course this book has NOTHING to do with World of Warcraft BUT even so as popular as it has become especially lately – social media buzz, tv, radio, ect… it’s been hard to ignore all the hoopla. WHICH is why I’m choosing this theme and going for it!

How to participate in the Wow Bloggers Challenge:

Somewhere in the World of Warcraft lies the perfect area for taking an awesome screenshot portraying the ’50 shades of color’ listed below. There are some really magical areas found in and around Azeroth, full of color and beauty (or not) where maybe some random NPC, mount, or pet resides that just breathes (or bleeds) color.

Maybe the ‘color of the day’ reminds you of some specific item in-game? Your job is to find somewhere, something, or someone (yes transmogs count) in WoW and take a screenshot that has as close to the 50 shades of color as you can possibly get.

Share your screenshot by posting it to your own blog or tumbler ect.. using the hashtag #50shadesofwarcraft. There’s no right or wrong time to start nor is there any reason you must post everyday single day or in the order listed. The only real rule is simply have fun!

Day: 1 Gray #808080
Day: 2 Red Orange #D84E09
Day: 3 Yellow #F6EB20
Day: 4 Yellow Green #51C201
Day: 5 Sky Blue #09C5F4
Day: 6 Blue #2862B9
Day: 7 Violet (Purple) #7E44BC
Day: 8 White #000000
Day: 9 Brown #943F07
Day: 10 UFO Green #3CD070
Day: 11 Amethyst #9966CC
Day: 12 Bubble Gum #FFC1CC
Day: 13 Cerulean #006A93
Day: 14 Gold #867200
Day: 15 Orchid #BC6CAC
Day: 16 Lime Green #6EEB6E
Day: 17 Mango #FFC800
Day: 18 Mauve #CC99BA
Day: 19 Navy Blue #000080
Day: 20 Harvest Gold #E2B631
Day: 21 Pale Rose #DCCCD7
Day: 22 Sand #EBE1C2
Day: 23 Silver #A6AAAE
Day: 24 Taupe #B99685
Day: 25 Teal #0086A7
Day: 26 Auro Metal Saurus #6E7F80
Day: 27 Baby Blue #0070FF
Day: 28 Ball Blue #21ABCD
Day: 29 Dollar Bill #85BB65
Day: 30 Bronze Yellow #A78B00
Day: 31 Cool Gray #788193
Day: 32 Yellow Orange #FD9800
Day: 33 Green Blue #098FAB
Day: 34 Lemon Yellow #F4FA9F
Day: 35 Maroon #A32E12
Day: 36 Pine Green #007872
Day: 37 Raspberry #AA0570
Day: 38 Salmon #FFD3CB
Day: 39 Slate #7C7C99
Day: 40 Turquoise #17BFDD
Day: 41 Guppie Green #00FF7F
Day: 42 Platinum #E2E3E4
Day: 43 Rose Red #FF007F
Day: 44 Sandstorm #ECD540
Day: 45 Spiro Disco Ball #0FC0FC
Day: 46 Red #C91111
Day: 47 Mahogany #B44848
Day: 48 Dark Brown #514E49
Day: 49 Light Brown #BF6A1F
Day: 50 Black #000000

If you leave a comment and include your url I’ll add a list of participants here — I’m excited to see your screens and I’m sure others will want to see’em too. Have fun!

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