The red arcane serpent Acroniss found in Silithus has now joined my collection of rare pets. I credit Cymre for my finding out about this pet, I saw it featured in one of her screenshots not long ago. Then a few days ago I was reminded about it when I saw it again at Euphyley’s blog. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this one like yesterdays tame which is lucky for me. I’ve checked for this rare only a couple times before logging in today and finding her floating in place and for once with no one else standing about.

It’s hard to believe how popular such a small corner of Silithus is now. CRZ is involved of course because for the most part it’s people leveling somewhere in 50-60 range that I’ve encountered in the area. BUT this morning when I parked, there we’re four yes four others in cave and one of those a level 90 hunter. I figure he was there to tame as well so I decided to come back later. I starting logging out and just before I poofed I saw the quest NPC spawn and I’ll be dang if that alliance hunter didn’t kill it before any of those lowbie’s (all horde) could even touch him, like how rude!


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