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The servers we’re up early today so I took this opportunity to jump on my horde priest and finish level 84 in Twilight Highlands. I really wasn’t there long enough to even explore the zone from a horde perspective. And I still haven’t quite gotten over missing out on the airship battle during arrival but I did enjoy seeing some of the differences in questing. Like this one, I didn’t note the name of it but here I am protecting a shredder from alliance instead of tank from horde haha. I apologize it’s a horrible screenshot but the only one I took. I plan to go back and explore properly at some point later.

Twilight Highlands

The show must go on so … to Pandaria!

Paint it Red the first quest I did my shooting and was automatically booted from the gun I almost ran right off the edge of the ship LMAO. Very first reward item, Staff of Rolling Thunder.

Touching Ground it’s a good thing the Wary Forest Prowlers aren’t the man eating creatures they appear to be at first sight because I landed nearly on top of one haha.

Touching Ground

The scenery in this zone still amazes me and even more especially when I find little areas like these that I hadn’t seen before from the alliance side.

Thunder Hold
Thunder Hold

Honeydew Farm

Ok I confess, I’ve played WoW almost eight years and in all that time I’ve always been hard-core alliance. And yet I just found myself ranting for like twenty minutes now trying to figure out how I couldn’t have known that the factions weren’t some how flowing together in not only quest lines but some sort of privately acknowledged agreement on alliance is the good side and horde is the bad side, period.

The red light finally went off when I found myself helping a Pandaren who asked me find and send villagers home. He claimed they were being held against there will by the alliance. I went in thinking this is a mistake, there’s just no way this can be true I mean I’ve played the alliance version through this zone three times now and never found anything even like these accusations to be true.

And there lies my conundrum, I simply never even fathomed WoW could  really be like two games with sorta unique visions from each side. I mean in my mind the horde knew they we’re the blood thirsty side haha. Which makes me question myself, like why did it take eight years to finally reach a point to be able to come to this conclusion, go figure!

P.S. No, I will not buy your Golden Gate Bridge LOL.

Of course somethings don’t change, like the blood hungry need to conquer.


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