An Ancient Ally

Exalted .. and still two more parts to this quest chain to go.

Prince Anduin has somehow slipped his guards again. His control over the light is greatly increasing. He was last seen heading to Kun-Lai Summit. He gave our mages the slip around the Valley of Emperors.

An Ancient Ally

Where am I with the on-going Operation Sheildwall quest chain:

An Ancient Ally

On the side, the Alliance has been befriending some of the Hozen, in the hopes of finding another artifact to counteract the Divine Bell:

So, you wake up the Monkey King for a mallet hmmm? Answer first, these riddles three, and then the mallet you shall see.

First riddle! “Softly singing a song of pain There is a creature tortured and lame. Way down south and beyond the wall, It hides from its wikket masters’ call. Seek out the creature sad and somber, And free it from its untamed amber.” Bring me the untamed amber.

The Second Riddle

You want to stop the Divine Bell? We need the mallet first. You want the mallet? We need to be friends first. You want to be friends? We need a Metal brew first. You want a Metal brew? You need to go to the Shrine of Fellowship first.  You want to go to the Shrine of Fellowship? Great! It’s in the Jade Forest southeast of the Tian Monastery. Ring the bell and get the Monkey King some brew while there. Oh… you may have to fight for it.

The mallet you seek is not a toy for children, It calls trouble like the song of a siren. A test of strength the Monkey King will require, Before you receive this tool of your desire. At the Temple of the White Tiger you will find A challenger to test how well you are resigned Step through the main door and then turn right down the ramp Challenge the ook waiting for you there like a champ!

The Greatest Prank

So riddles three you answered me. Good good. The Monkey King is not so old that he tells just anyone his tricks. It was the greatest prank ever! You want to hear story of the Mallet and the Monkey? Too bad! No choice!

There once was a jibby nib mallet all shiny and divine.
But the ookin’ bell it was meant for could never be mine.

The mogu had stolen the bell, what is a hozen to do?
Think of the horror if those dookers stole the mallet too.

Mogu are not bright, they fail to see things for what they are.
The Monkey King broke the mallet and sent the pieces afar.

My Hozen took the pieces and scattered them across the lands,
Disguised as “nifty nibs”, never to fall into mogu hands.

The head, the handle, these two must be made as one.
Combined with evil’s ointment, the bell’s evil can be undone.

If “Garrosh” has the bell than/then there is only one thing to do,
I’ll send for my hozen friends, the mallet must be made anew.

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