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Hacked, update

Last week’s Karazhan was either canceled I didn’t get a spot, I really don’t remember which. But either way this week’s run was fairly good. The loot drops aren’t near as much for me as they were for others but then again how much loot does one moonkin expect from Karazhan! Our guild Unity started using a add on called Inventory On Par, it basically rates your items but I haven’t heard anything good about it from other people. I really hope it doesn’t last long with the guild really, but having said that out loud it’ll be my luck that it becomes one of those long sworn by addon’s LOL.

There’s still no update on getting my hacked account back and since I seem to keep answering the same questions, I’ll just put it here for all to see. About three months ago I was playing my druid when I was knocked off line. I went to sign in and was told wrong password. I tried a few more times with the same results so I logged onto one of my other accounts. Sure enough my main was online, I whisper the jerk behind the keyboard and got no reply. A few minutes later she went off line and my priest who was also 70 came online and right back off. I immediately put in a ticket and start trying to get a password recovery. An hour later a GM tells me I have to wait till the next day when billing is open and call them. In the mean time, while waiting for a frig’n GM to answer me I watched as my hard work of three years was deleted before my eyes!

The next day my daughter called billing and recovered the account with the secret word. Two hours later when no new password had arrived she called again to find they miss-spelled the email address. She then gave them her email instead of mine, received the reset email and then restored my password. As soon as I was able to get back in I found all my toons who we’re under 70 alive and well and more importantly untouched since there was over 2k in gold on them [ya that was a mint to me then lol] but both of my 70’s both fully skilled with one T4 & Karazhan gear were gone. Of course I knew they would be since I was online when the “Player Not Found” popped up and they were gone from my friends list. I again spoke to a GM and was told to make a list of the missing items and request for them to be restored.

Then I went onto the website and updated my info including putting the email address back to my own. Immediately the account is unavailable again. A email follows saying something about there being a second attempt to hack the account. This email includes a form they require filled out and mailed in along with a copy of valid ID. There lies the problem, the account was never in my name. It was a gift from my then future son-in-law as he was leaving for the army and would no longer be playing. There were no characters on the account, it was barely three months old at the time, and the game was still fairly new. It wasn’t until about six months later I found out the copy of the game he gave me wasn’t even his it was his best friends who tried it and just didn’t like it. So the ball sits in his court, when all this occurred he’d just turned 21 and was waiting for his new state license to come in the mail (according to his girlfriend). Since then it’s been one excuse or another but mostly “I don’t have it yet” or “I seriously haven’t had time to drive to mom’s to pick it up”. So if or rather when he decides to send the form’s in with his ID that’s when I’ll finally be able to reclaim my account. I can honestly say, it’s been a lesson learned!!

MySpace & Warcraft

Finding myself a tad bored with the game today I decided to check in on my myspace. I don’t check myspace near as often as I would like to! First message I read is from Becky saying that if a company is going use a fake photo of someone else to impersonate her the least they could do is make someone drop dead gorgeous. I was like huh since I noticed she’s replying to something I supposedly sent her just a few days ago. Thing is I haven’t checked myspace since August 2nd! So I read the message she forwarded that shows it came from me and it’s simple garbage but what caught my attention was the photo of the impostor. It was my daughter! It was the photo she has on her old myspace actually.

So not only was my account hacked, but they used a photo of one of my kids! Since myspace was sold it’s gone down hill in my opinion!! Upon further investigation, that message was sent out to four people from my account three times in August! Now I know everyone says it’s your password, too simple. Bullshit! I change my passwords every few months and I always use letters and numbers! I also found the same message in my inbox from my youngest daughters account which she hasn’t been on in about a month. The kiddo hasn’t been home to check her account but I’m willing to bet her account was hacked as well unless they got the photo off my friends list. Makes me just wanna close all our myspace accounts!! But then I couldn’t use the cool skins I came across today ….

Blizzard, in their infinite wisdom has blessed MySpace with its presence! They’ve got one for each WoW race. To get them, simply head over to the World of Warcraft MySpace account and scroll down to the Skin your MySpace section and click on the race or grab them directly from these links:

Bad Customer Service, emachines

Woke up early this morning to a horribly loud CRACK followed by something burning! NOooooo!!! Not my power supply AGAIN!! But yes the computer Gods have lashed out and struck my power supply down again after only just being replaced in July.

I gather my strength and make the dreaded phone call to emachines tech support expecting the same great service I’ve received for the last several years. This is my fourth emachine and they’ve always been great at replacing any parts gone out. It was not in the cards for today apparently. I knew this call for service was fated when the conversation immediately turned to “send your tower into us or to one of our dealers for repair”. Since I have had past experience with this before I was not going down that path again so further conversation follows.

I try to explain that there’s nothing wrong with the tower it’s just the power supply as personal history has shown they don’t seem to last long. If I get two years of life from my machines you can bet there’s been a minimum of four power supplies replaced in that time.

The technician states that it’s my responsibility to protect my machine. I have a surge protector, could it not be heavy enough? I turn my system completely off when not in use. What else am I to do? Is it something electrical about our house? The area maybe? Could it be the wacky weather of Texas? Electrical storm maybe? Without warning, our power here flickered yesterday but yet not a drop of rain did we see. I did see a weather report later yesterday evening saying, Texas Energy had over 1000 households without power. I state that I can not control the weather and that apparently was the WRONG thing to say!

The conversation turns sour. The technician accuses me of not reading my warranty. I’ve had four emachines of course I know the warranty. I say again how am I responsible? I can not control things unseen such as weather {if that was even the issue, I’m not a technician}. The technician says I didn’t unplug the system from the electrical outlet or surge protector. I ask where my warranty states that I needed too? From there I’m told that not only have they voided my current warranty but that my account has been noted for future problems! Their voiding any future purchase warranties as well? I ask how after all the years I’ve been a emachine customer and always had great service provided with this issue, why is it now all of sudden they will not provide the parts under warranty but could then? The technician states they will fire those people! By this point the technician is rambling company garbage and answering nothing. How is it emachines just voids a valid warranty? I can purchase a power supply elsewhere for a mere $35 but why should I have to!?!

Explore Zangarmarsh

Explore Zangarmarsh revealing the covered areas of the world map. Below are the way points for the AddOn Tom Tom – If you prefer to not use an AddOn you can still use the same coords listed to find the following areas of the world map.

/way 83 82 Umbrafen Village
/way 81 38 The Dead Mire
/way 79 64 Cenarion Refuge
/way 70 80 Darkcrest Shore
/way 68 48 Telredor
/way 61 41 Bloodscale Grounds
/way 58 62 The Lagoon
/way 47 53 Twin Spire Ruins
/way 46 63 Feralfen Village
/way 42 30 Orebor Harborage
/way 31 50 Zabra’jin
/way 29 61 Quagg Ridge
/way 29 33 Hewn Bog
/way 22 40 Marshlight Lake
/way 18 50 Sporeggar
/way 18 7 Ango’rosh Stronghold
/way 17 23 Ango’rosh Grounds
/way 14 62 The Spawning Glen

Explore Nagrand

Explore Nagrand, revealing the covered areas of the world map. Below are the way points for the AddOn Tom Tom – If you prefer to not use an AddOn you can still use the same coords listed to find the following areas of the world map.

/way Nagrand 19 51 Forge Camp: Fear
/way Nagrand 56 36 Garadar
/way Nagrand 42 44 Halaa
/way Nagrand 70 81 Kil’sorrow Fortress
/way Nagrand 46 19 Laughing Skull Ruins
/way Nagrand 36 71 Spirit Fields
/way Nagrand 31 43 Sunspring Post
/way Nagrand 60 23 Throne of the Elements
/way Nagrand 27 21 Warmaul Hill
/way Nagrand 74 66 Burning Blade Ruins
/way Nagrand 62 63 Clan Watch
/way Nagrand 24 36 Forge Camp: Hate
/way Nagrand 49 55 Southwind Cleft
/way Nagrand 9 43 The Twilight Ridge
/way Nagrand 53 70 Telaar
/way Nagrand 65 56 The Ring of Trials
/way Nagrand 72 36 Windyreed Pass
/way Nagrand 72 52 Windyreed Village
/way Nagrand 33 15 Zangar Ridge Kenshyneus