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Basic How To: Battle Pet

To collect a new pet simply click any wild pet with the green hand icon to start a pet battle. Much like your default UI battle pet battles use a simple setup with only three spells in the 1, 2, and 3 slots. At level 10, 15, and 20 these slots open a second spell choice. You will still only have three spells to use but you may change the spell to one of the new choices in the drop down boxes.

Using your mouse you can click the spells or click the corresponding keyboard buttons 1, 2, 3 to attack – you will notice many pets have fairly unique spells. Hovering over a spell shows that spells stats. Once the pet is down to 30% health the cage (looks like a crate) button will light up. Use this to capture your new wild pet (may take several tries).

One pet must survive the battle in order to receive any trapped pets. After level five you will notice when you pick a fight with a wild pet up to two additional wild pets from the same zone may show up to help him out. You will need to beat all of them to win the fight. When you win the battle your surviving pets gain experience and are healed for 50% of the damage they took during the fight.

You will only be able to capture three of any one kind of wild pet. I would suggest trapping the first pet of each type (ie: rat) for the achievement credit and then only trapping more rats if the rarity is higher than what you have – ultimately your goal is the rare (blue named). You will need to occasionally clean out your pet collection so you have spots open for those surprise rares – there’s nothing worse than finally seeing that rare Spawn of Onyxia and not being able to trap it because you didn’t keep track of how many you have.

Pets can be grey (trash), white (common), green (uncommon), or blue (rare). You can not tell what the pet will be until you actually battle it. I recommend using the addon BattlePetQualityGlow. The addon is out of date but still works as intended which is to say it changes the pet name to the correct color (grey, white, green, or blue). Makes searching for rares super easy! Update: This add-on is no longer recommended since colored frames and names have since the time of this writing been implemented in the default pet battle interface.

Rare pets are harder to capture and even harder to find. You will occasionally come across one on your first attempt but more often you will be battling the same type of wild pet multiple times before finding a rare to capture.

In your Pet Journal, select a pet from the list and hover over its portrait in the detail view in the upper area on the right. The pop-up will tell you how the pet is obtained. If it says Pet Battle, it will list the zones where that pet is available for capture.

Choosing Your Battle Pets

You are able to choose three pets to use at one time or whats otherwise called a team. When choosing which pets to use keep in mind that much like armor you want the best so my suggestion would be to start leveling your rares first.

Notice my Emerald Whelpling’s first spell is Breath: strong against Magic and weak against Undead. You will want to vary your pets so that you can cover as many pet families as possible with just your three pets. I’m currently using Dark Whelpling, Darkmoon Monkey, an Murkablo however I have been switching around a lot to find a nice balance on skills.

There are ten pet families to choose from:

  • Aquatic – Aquatic attacks deal bonus damage to Elemental companions and less damage to Magic companions.
  • Beast – Beast attacks deal bonus damage to Critter companions and less damage to Flying companions.
  • Critter – Critter attacks deal bonus damage to Undead companions and less damage to Humanoid companions.
  • Dragonkin – Dragonkin attacks deal bonus damage to Magic companions and less damage to Undead companions.
  • Elemental – Elemental attacks do more damage to Mechanical companions and less to Critter companions.
  • Flying – Flying attacks deal bonus damage to Aquatic companions and less damage to Dragonkin companions.
  • Humanoid – Humanoid attacks do more damage to Dragonkin and less to Beast companions.
  • Magical (not Mystical, or Mythical) – Magical attacks deal bonus damage to Flying and less damage to Mechanical companions.
  • Mechanical – Mechanical attacks deal bonus damage to Beast companions and less damage to Elemental companions.
  • Undead – Undead attacks do more damage to Humanoid companions and less to Aquatic companions.

There are three ways (that I know of) to heal and revive your battle pets.

#1 [Revive Battle Pets] a spell found in your spell book and the top right corner of your Battle Pets (shift+p).

#2 Any Stable Master can heal and revive your pets for 10 silver.

#3 And winning a battle against a Battle Pet Master gives you a chance to receive [Battle Pet Bandage] as a reward. Currently these bandages are souldbound and stack up to ten. In patch 5.2 that will change and stacks will go to 25 and they will no longer be soulbound.

Be sure to clear a small area area around the pet you plan to battle – you do not want to lose a rare because some wandering creature attacked you wile you were battling. Also note if you are in a PVP zone you can still be attacked during a pet battle.

There are class specific pets available! If your an avid pet collector you most likely have most of these pets already however two are new. The Gilnean Raven & Jade Crane Chick are only available by taking your Worgan & Panda over to the Battle Pet Trainer and purchasing. Goblins may also purchase the Shore Crawler however this pet can also be found in multiple zones.

Where To Level Battle Pets

Leveling your first battle pet can be tedious and time consuming so look to spend time on this if your shooting for all the battle pet achievements. The best way I have found to level your battle pet is by following along with the achievement Eastern Kingdoms Tamer. The tamers quest are taking you through consecutive zones (ie: Elwynn Forest (2), Westfall (3), Redridge Mountains (5), Duskwood (7), NSTV (9), and SSTV (11)) so make sure to stay in the zone and get 1-2 levels before going to the next battle pet trainer quest and before you know it you’ll have not only completed the achievement but also leveled a battle pet to 25.

Note the types of pet families tamers are using for ideas on forming your own teams:

  • Julia Stevens Level 2 Pets – Slither and Fangs (2x Beasts)
  • Old MacDonald Level 3 Pets – Teensey (Critter), Foe Reaper 800 (Mechanical) and Clucks (Flying)
  • Lindsay Level 5 Pets – Flipsy, Flufftail and Dipsy (3x Critters)
  • Eric Davidson Level 7 Pets – Webwinder, Blackfang and Darkwidow (3x Beasts)
  • Steven Lisbane Level 9 Pets – Emeralda (Magic), Nanners (Beast) and Moonstalker (Beast)
  • Bill Buckler Level 11 Elite Pets – Burgle (Humanoid), Young Beaker (Flying) and Eyegouger (Flying)

These are just some zones I tend to use to level my battle pets – they are not based on anything besides levels and the least amount of traveling. Argia, a guild mate pointed out you might find some pets are easier to fight in a specific zone, her example:  Beast Pets: Avoid Mechanical. Seek out Critters. Fear not the Humanoids. You’re weak against Flying. You’re going to look for zones with a preponderance of Critters. This should be easy, as most zones have at least one type of Critter running around. So you may want to goto Levels 22-25: Twilight Highlands (level 23) or Uldum (level 23) instead.

  • Levels 1-5: Elwynn Forest (level 1)
  • Level 3-7: Redridge (levels 4-5)
  • Levels 6-9: Arathi Highlands (level 7)
  • Levels 9-11: Western Plaguelands (level 10)
  • Levels 10-14: Hinterlands (level 11) OR Levels 11-14: Eastern Plaguelands (level 12)
  • Levels 14-16: Swamp of Sorrows (level 14)
  • Levels 15-18: Burning Steppes (level 16)
  • Levels 17-20: Hellfire Peninsula (level 17) or Nagrand (level 17)
  • Levels 19-22: Shadowmoon Valley (level 20)
  • Level 22-25 Vale of Eternal Blossoms (level 24)

Where do you want to start your hunt?

Eastern Kingdom Zones
Kalimdor Zones
Outland Zones
Northrend Zones
Cataclysm Zones
Pandaria Zones

Which pets to choose is a matter of opinion really but this is a prime example of basing your decision on wild pet stats.

There are some really well written guides out there if your still unsure about Battle Pets:

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