Breakfast Topic: Have you completed …

Breakfast Topic: Have you completed all of WoW’s non-raid content?

Have you managed to work your way through all of WoW’s zone and non-raid instance content for both Alliance and Horde storylines? What chunks of content have slipped past your grasp? Do you have a plan for filling in the gaps, or are you fine not having done and seen every last bit of scenery along the way?

I do find more that these days I tend to click click click rather than “slow down” and read the quest text. I would normally say this is because after eight years of adventuring through the lands of Azeroth that I’ve read most of the text but honestly that’s not so true when it comes down to the details. While I have leveled many an alliance toon through every zone many more than once I have never leveled a horde toon through all the quest zones or even half the quest zones.

This topic has actually been on my mind as of late with my recent quest blogging or attempts at it with my alliance rogue & hunter and horde priest. I’ve been half tempted to start a new horde just to read through the content. I did recently level a blood elf into the fifty’s but most of that was dungeon leveling so it doesn’t count. My horde priest was born of a resurrection scroll so it also doesn’t count and my death knight well it’s a death knight so we all know that doesn’t count for sure.

Just a day or two ago I was taking my priest to Twilight Highlands for the first time and I got distracted during the ride and when I came back the air ship was under attack and before I could even enjoy this version of the quest it was over. I was truly disappointed which made me want to level my dk so I could try again which led my thoughts right back to, what else have I missed or am missing with current content.

The simple truth is though I already spend more time than I should in the lands of Azeroth so just exactly when do I plan to rectify my loss, I don’t know. I seriously commend anyone and everyone who has made it though all the content, it takes dedication and very good time-management skills.

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