Breath of Darkest Shadow

And finally after many weeks of dailies and the long quest chain I’ve come to the end of my Operation: Shieldwall grind.

In Search of Harmony

In Search of Harmony

You then help Anduin put the Mallet together:

The Head
Rebuilding the Mallet

Breath of Darkest Shadow

  • The Bell Speaks: Anduin has run off in search of Garrosh about to harness the power of the Divine Bell–you must find him.
  • Breath of Darkest Shadow: Anduin tries to plea with Garrosh before using the Harmonic Mallet and destroying the Divine Bell.
  • The Silence: The mallet is destroyed, but Anduin is severely wounded from the effort.

Garrosh is right over there, and he’s going to ring that bell at any moment. We don’t have time to wait for my father’s army. This is our only chance to stop him! I’ll attempt to appeal to his senses before resorting to using the Harmonic Mallet. Charge in whenever you’re ready, Vervaine. I’ll be right behind you.

The Bell Speaks

We are the HORDE. We are slaves to nothing and no one! With the Divine Bell, I will burn away any remnants of weakness within us. Fear… despair… hatred… doubt. The lesser races are buried beneath their weight. But WE will control their power. Together, we will destroy the Alliance and claim what is rightfully ours. Let our song of victory begin. Our victory is all but assured. With the power of the bell on our side, we will be unstoppable.

Breath of Darkest Shadow

Die, whelp! Garrosh strikes Anduin, who is thrown back and under the bell as it collapses atop him.

The Silence

Your Alliance must be at its end if you’re sending your children against me. I will let you live so that you can tell your King of the price for his continued defiance!

Admiral Taylor: I hesitate to guess what would have happened if you had not been there with the young Prince. Today, you put an end to Garrosh’s plans. You have undoubtedly saved thousands of lives, and most importantly, you brought Anduin back to us. We are doing everything we can for the boy, but we can only wait and see. I believe he has the fight in him. I must believe it…

Breath of Darkest Shadow2

[As you gaze upon Anduin’s lifeless body, you hear the sound of an incoming teleport. Two figures rush into the room.]

King Varian Wrynn:
Garrosh attacked my son…? Where is he?

Lady Jaina Proudmoore:

[Jaina kneels before the body. Varian remains standing.]

King Varian Wrynn:
Anduin, what were you thinking? I should’ve sent you back to Stormwind!

Lady Jaina Proudmoore:
He’s alive, but his bones are shattered.

King Varian Wrynn: [Desperation and rage fill his voice]
Send for Velen. Bring him here at once!

[Jaina stands to address the King. She draws her staff.]

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: [Barely containing her anger]
My King, I promise you. The Kirin-Tor will come down on Garrosh so hard his ancestors will reel. Blood will pay for blood!

[In a flash, Jaina teleports to Dalaran.]

King Varian Wrynn:
Jaina –

[You sense the King is wary of the consequences of Jaina’s coming actions, but he will not leave his son’s side.]

[He kneels before him.]

King Varian Wrynn:
I will end Garrosh for this. His Horde already crumbles beneath him. We will deliver the final blow.

[He looks up at you.]

Champion, you and Anduin thwarted the Warchief today and won the Alliance a critical victory.

[He lowers his head.]

But please, leave me now. I must tend to my son… and prepare for our next battle.

Operation Shieldwall Campaign

WooOOooT!! Got rewarded the Grand Gryphon on this last quest and of course I had to rush out and buy myself a Grand Armored Gryphon.

Grand Armored Gryphon

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