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New Titles Coming in Patch 7.3

IF you love sporting the newest TITLES in game then here’s at least TWO new titles that will become available with Patch 7.3


New Battle Pets Coming in Patch 7.3

Patch 7.3 might not be as far away as many people think, so let’s check out the 43 new battle pets coming in Patch 7.3

New Wild Pets

Argus is bringing us three new zones which means there will be several new wild pets to capture. And as pointed out here by Quintessence, some of these pet come in multiple color choices!

Krokuun: Bile Larva, Bilescourge, Flickering Argunite

Mac’Aree: Arcane Gorger, Felcrazed Wyrm, Pygmy Marsuul, Skyfin Juvenile, Void Shardling, Voidstalker Runt, Warpstalker Runt

Antoran Wastes: Antoran Bile Larva, Antoran Bilescourge

New Rare Drop Pets

Several battle pets were added which are drops from rares on Argus:

New Holiday Event Pets

  • There’s a new Winter Veil pet, Globe Yeti.
  • Hallow’s End is bring a new pet, Naxxy. Sold by holiday vendors during Hallow’s End for 150 Tricky Treats.

New Achievement Pet Rewards

Family Fighter is similar to Family Familiar — Pet Battlers will need to defeat Argus pet NPCs with teams comprised of one pet family. The achievement rewards the new pet, Felclaw Marsuul.

Players will have to use each pet type to defeat a total of 18 new pet NPCs. These encounters are located across Argus. And according to developer Jeremy Feasel on Twitter, unlike the trainers from Family Familiar, the Family Fighter NPCs will be spawned indefinitely and can be battled even if their World Quest isn’t active.

Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm is the latest pet collection achievement coming in Patch 7.3. In this achievement, players will collect pets from bosses in Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, Firelands, and Dragon Soul.

Collectors will find 15 of these pets inside Cataclysm raids, and the final pet, Amalgam of Destruction, is the reward for completing the achievement.

Blackwing Descent (3 pets)

Dragon Soul (3 pets)

Firelands (4 pets)

The Bastion of Twilight (3 pets)

Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets)

And .. More New Patch 7.3 Battle Pets

Here are a few more battle pets that can be found somewhere on Argus.

  • Cross Gazer is a reward from the quest An Intact Pile of Demon Eyes.
  • Orphaned Marsuul available after reaching Honored with Argussian Reach. Sold by Toraan the Revered for 500 gold.
  • Dibbler drops from new pet battle tamer Environeer Bert’s Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies.
  • Ghost Shark requires ‘Good Friend’ reputation with Ilyssia for 50 Fragmented Enchantment.
  • Several pets have unknown sources, the Fossorial Bile Larva and Fel Lasher.

Wowhead also listed these adorable Golden Retriever or Aussie Pup Models but as of this writing I could not find where or how exactly we’ll be able to find them for collecting.

Keep in mind that nothing is final, and pets and other content may change prior to official release of Patch 7.3


Achievement: I Found Pepe!

I Found Pepe! I Found Pepe! Find I Found Pepe! Pepe wearing his viking, ninja, knight, and pirate outfits to obtain this achievement. You must click on all 4 within 60 minutes to obtain the buff and achievement.

Note you cannot use a macro to target him. When you click on the Pepe in each zone you will get a 1 hour buff that puts that specific Pepe model on your head. You must click on the Pepe to gain credit towards the achievement – simply locating him does not count.

In addition, when you click on each Pepe you receive an item specific to that Pepe. These items will be consumed when used allowing Pepe to sometimes appear as that model when summoned in the future. This applies to both the summoned ‘Toy’ Pepe and the clickable Garrison Pepe.

A Tiny Pirate Hat

Spires of Arak: A Tiny Pirate Hat – – 54.1, 83.6 Take the Pinchwhistle Gearworks FP and fly straight across the peninsula, aiming to the right of the peak. Near the coast, there’s a little set of Arrakoa ruins. Pepe’s sitting right in the inside corner, behind a hostile lvl 97 hydra.

A Tiny Plated Helm

Talador: A Tiny Plated Helm – – 51.0, 63.3 Sitting on a chest INSIDE a Draenei shelter/tent to Artificer Iona’s left side. Take the Exarch’s Refuge FP and go to the niche just to the east of Auchindoun’s northernmost point.

A Tiny Viking Helmet

Nagrand: A Tiny Viking Helmet – – 80.1, 50.4 Right next to the FP at the Ring of Trials, sitting on a crate next to the goblin “cook”.

A Tiny Ninja Shroud

Gorgrond: A Tiny Ninja Shroud – – 47.5, 41.3 Just south of The Pit (the large black lava flow south of the Iron Docks). Equidistant between the Skysea Point and Everbloom Wilds FPs. Look for a small orc camp with three tents. He’s sitting on a chair inside the center one. Watch out for Rolkor, a hostile lvl 93 gronn giant who has presumably destroyed the place and killed the orcs.

Source: Thanks goes to several commenters on wowhead for sharing bits and pieces of the details for completing this achievement!

And for you TomTom users here’s the macro:

/way Spires of Arak 54.1, 83.6 Pirate Pepe
/way talador 51, 63.3 Knight Pepe
/way Gorgrond 47.5, 41.3 Ninja Pepe
/way Nagrand:Draenor 80.1, 50.4 Viking Pepe



Guide to get Blazing Wings item at Darkmoon Faire, Brood of Alysrazor

Blazing Wings: Easy video guide with map plotting the best path to get this awesome in game item and Achievement.

Brood of Alysrazor: Collect 50 Blazing Rings in one flight session of Firebird’s Challenge.

And you are rewarded with 10 achievement points and this incredible in game item. If you haven’t heard of this item before basically it lets you have fiery wings for 1 hour on your character these wings are huge and I expect everyone and their grandmother is gonna have this item by the end of the month so heres an easy how to guide to get it.

If you prefer to use TomTom here are the points …

Continue reading Guide to get Blazing Wings item at Darkmoon Faire, Brood of Alysrazor

Timeless Isle: Going To Need A Bigger Bag (Cont’d)


It’s been awhile since I updated my list of items needed for the achieve “Going To Need A Bigger Bag“. My list of items ‘needed’ has shrunk quite a bit as you can see here. Pretty good, I think, especially considering I only started working on it again recently. Of course, I would have preferred finishing it before the account wide ticks started but I didn’t and I’m not going to stop now just because …. so these are the items I still need to collect. I must say to those of you who did get this done on ONE single character — my hats off to ya!!

Looks like for the most part I’m looking at farming named rares not just mobs anymore.


Day of the Dead

Dead Mans Party

Day of the Dead start’s today and ends Sunday, check your in-game calendar for exact times. Head to the home city for your RACE and find the graveyard. Start the festivities by doing a /dance while targeting Catrina for the achievement Dead Man’s Party.

Don’t forget to pick-up your Macabre Marionette because this year it will be a permanent pet – yep for real! It’s an Undead pet with the following abilities: Macabre MaracaDeath and DecayDead Man’s PartyBone BiteSiphon LifeBone Barrage. This pet is especially useful against Dragonkin because Macabre Maraca deals more damage to Dragonkin while Undead pets take 33% less damage from Dragonkin.

Macabre Marionette

Purchase Bouquet of Orange Marigolds and Recipe: Bread of the Dead from Chapman the vendor, beside Catrina, if you don’t already have them. Now equip the Bouquet of Orange Marigolds, click it (while equipped) now you’ll be able to see a dead (ghost) quest giver. Pick up the quest The Grateful Dead. The reward for this quest is the Macabre Marionette. FYI you can cage this pet. So with that in mind I suggest you pick this cute little guy up on ALL your toons to sell for a profit later.

You will need to cook (1) Bread of the Dead using (1) Ice Cold Milk (purchased from an INN Keeper) and (1) Simple Flour (purchased from a cooking vendor usually found by cooking trainers). Since these items are purchased in stacks of (5) I would suggest ONLY cooking (1) Bread of the Dead and then mailing the left-over mats to your next character because Bread of the Dead can be traded but NOT mailed. NOTE: You will need to use the fire by Catrina in order to cook Bread of the Dead.

How to Find Your Race Graveyard

Ironforge – Graveyard can be found to the south (southeast really) of the entrance up a small hill. coords 61,37
Stormwind – Graveyard can be found in Stormwind beside Stormwind Lake, behind the Cathedral.
Darnassus – Graveyard located directly behind the Guild Master house in Darnassus. coords 69,40.
Exodar – Graveyard is just south of Azure Watch.

Silvermoon City – Going from Silvermoon go west past The Dead Scar before you get to Falcon Square.
Thunder Bluff – Graveyard can be found right next to the north lift of the Middle Rise
Orgrimmar – Can be found left of the road heading south right past the boar farm.
Undercity – Graveyard is located inside the courtyard of the city right across from the chamber for the Orb of Translocation

Dalaran – Graveyard can be found in next to Violet Citadel in the grass next to the Underbelly entrance.
Shattrath – Graveyard is just outside the East Gate of the city.