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Transmog: Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye

Today we’re going to check out this armor set from Warlords of Draenor.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye is a leather armor set from the heroic version of Hellfire Citadel. This raid requires level 100 but even-so I would say this set should be quite “easy” to collect these days.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane's Eye

If you don’t care for the green version there is also a yellow version available in normal difficulty. Do you want to see this set on a different race, you can do that in The Dressing Room.

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Transmog Thursday: Trial of Style Season Two

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

Did you compete in the Trial of Style – Season Two?

There we’re three new themes for this season: Zen, Magical Modelling, and one more which I was really excited about Spook-tacular but of course it was never called while I was competing =(

Just like last time, I decided to take one character from all four armor classes and compete for the win. By winning your able to purchase the Fashionable Undershirt which when worn gives you the Fashionable BUFF all the time, kool huh!!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

My PRIEST must have had the worst luck, she made second and third place so many times that she has more than 100 tokens left over. She eventually won this terrible transmog for the ZEN theme.

I was really starting to think it’s racism, like does no one like dwarves? Well you better buck-up people because soon their will be even more of them!

My SHAMAN won right off the start, she’s wearing the Dreadful Gladiators Ringmail Armor, all but the belt which is set to invisible. It’s not very creative unless you count the awesomeness factor – because it looks a lot like the storms costumes from the movie Big trouble in Little China. I’m HAPPY others liked that set too – because she won!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

Last season I pent hours ahead of time saving sets for every possible theme, this round I’ve waited till today (last minute) to compete so I didn’t have more than 3-4 transmogs ready to go on each toon.

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

It took several rounds for my poor ROGUE panda to do better than third place. Seriously I don’t understand some others taste because personally I LOVE her sets, especially the VanCleef set with Spellfire Longswords! But what eventually won first place was this awkward purple BIRD!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

And lastly was my PALADIN who did pickup this seasons armor set but never did win first place before time ran out for this season of the Trial of Style. BUT I’m not worried because it was the same shirt for first place as it had been last time. I’m going to assume it will be again next time. And we now know the event vendor has all the previous sets so if you missed out on Trial of Style Season One or Two don’t worry you can earn them next round.

IF anyone is interesting in the set’s for anything my toons are wearing above let me know in the comments below and I’ll make a post for each of them.

So tell me did you compete in season two of Trial of Style?

Transmog Thursday: Paladin Sets

We’re dressing up the Paladins today!

Jessiehealz presents 10 Skimpy Paladin Sets #2 (World of Warcraft)

I love the color combo of set #2 maybe it’s because I don’t really use a lot of red with my usual xmogs – I also liked #3 and #4.  These 10 custom transmog sets for Paladins are for those of you who like to show a little flesh.

Jo Pro presents WoW Top 10 Paladin Transmog Sets

That Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King is AWEsome but only available from the Black Market AH. As an alliance gal myself I like the look of set #6 but then again purple is my fav color so #7 gets my vote as well.  Enjoy these 10 Top Paladin Transmogs by Jo Pro.

Xidon presents 10 Awesome Paladin Transmog Sets (World of Warcraft)</3>

I like the look of set #2 myself but I must say those shoulders on #7 I really like. Enjoy these 10 Awesome Paladin Transmogs by Xidon.

Jessiehealz presents 10 Badass Male Paladin Transmog Sets #1 (World of Warcraft)

Personally I really liked #1 and I think #7 has real possibilities! This is a World of Warcraft guide on how to locate & obtain 10 cool male paladin gear sets for transmogrification on your characters, Item details included. I hope you don’t mind the similarities with the female version, enjoy!

Comment below and share with us your favorite paladin set. And remember If you have a xmog blog or youtube channel comment below, maybe we’ll feature you next.

Transmog Thursday: Argus

Patch 7.3 is here and brings with it some new transmog sets and items!!

Shadows of Argus Transmog Preview: Wield The Weapon Of A God & More!

Tier 21 Gear Sets Preview – Many Outstanding Sets! Others Less So… | Patch 7.3: Argus

There are also several new crowns, weapons, and shields shown on check em out. Comment below and let me know what you think about these new transmog sets and items.

Transmog Thursday: Mage Sets

Let’s dress up (or down) those MAGES!!

Jessiehealz presents 10 Sexy Female Mage Transmog Sets #2 (World of Warcraft)

This is a World of Warcraft showcase displaying 10 cute female Mage transmogrification gear sets. I must say they are all eye catching but I think I’d probably go for #6 myself.

Jessiehealz presents 10 Badass Male Mage Transmog Sets #1 (World of Warcraft)

This is a World of Warcraft guide on how to locate & obtain 10 cool male Mage gear sets for transmogrification on your characters. Now I must say #2 is really quite unfair to show since it was only available during Mist of Pandaria. However there is another color of this set available in Legion as the mage classhall set. My favorites would have to be #7 or #8 because I just can’t choose one!

HeyImJustin presents 5 Epic And Easy Mage Transmogs To Get For Legion!

Now I’m not sure how EASY these five sets are to collect but they are certainly some nice mage sets.

Trackline presents 10 Frost Mage Xmog Set Ideas Part 2

Another showcase displaying 10 cute Mage transmogrification gear sets with set details all written out for you.

Comment below and share with your favorite mage set. And remember I’m still looking for current url’s for xmog blogs & websites to update my list.

Transmog Thursday: Superheroes

With Trial of Style in full swing I thought it might be fun to do some Superheroes inspired transmogs.

Melanie Deann presents World of Warcraft My Top Female Superhero Transmogs

Female Superheroes done as Transmogs in World of Warcraft. Included are Scarlet Witch, Poison Ivy, Psylocke, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, and Storm.

TheStormwind Guard presents Top 5 Super Hero Plate Based Armor Transmogs (WoW)

Male Superheroes done as Transmogs in World of Warcraft. Included are Modern Aquaman, Ironman, The Green Lantern, Thor, Batman, and Superman.

Gamesgamesgames presents Thor Marvel Avengers Transmog Set ( World of Warcraft )

How to make a Thor (from the Marvel Avengers movies and comic books) transmog set in to a World of Warcraft.

Xelesto presents World of Warcraft: Superheroes Transmog Sets

Included are Batman, Superman, and Aquaman.