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Brawler’s Guild

Brawler’s Guild is a blast, really fun but doesn’t seem to be something I can make my fingers move quick enough to even get a single win. I got my invite weeks ago on my Mage and even though I’ve tried multiple times I just can not even get past the first boss Bruce.

I’ve thought my mistake was using the invite on a clothie – knowing I’ve always been a slower player. I’m thinking I should have saved it for say my hunter but I’ve always felt that’s just a tad bit cheating (no offense to hunters it’s seriously a personal hangup) maybe, idk … regardless I’m just one of “those people”. You know the kind, the people who play range because they (I) can stand in the back and play from one spot more often than not. And after so many years playing this way I’m just having a really hard time trying to change it now – stay alive while constantly move in the ring.

Maybe I’ll eventually luck into a win but I’m not holding my breath. In the mean time fellow bloggers please keep posting your wins because you all are the one’s motivating me to keep trying. I got Barla to go for it and as I expected and cheered her on she blew right through the first two bosses, wooot!!

Stormwind Brawlers Club

I took me a little while to even find the entrance. I knew it was in the tram station because I had once heard the yells and cheers while boarding the tram. But it took some searching to find the entrance which is straight across the ramp going down into the first tram line – under the station.

brawlers guild

Of course the bouncers will check your ID or in this case your Blood-Soaked Invitation. To sign up for a fight just talk to any bouncer, you find them at the entrance and stationed at each corner of the arena.

brawlers bouncers

How awesome is this pub! Tables almost surround the arena making a great place to meet up and watch the fight with some friends.

brawlers pub

I know this bugged me personally at first but really don’t worry about people watching you. These fights have been really quick from what I’ve seen and I haven’t seen anyone get out of hand besides the NPCs, mostly Brawl Enthusiest. Remember to check your achievements; Brawlers Guild under World Events because there are some really easy ones to pickup quick.

Brawler Enthusiasts, have a chance, after each round a player has played, of getting angry, and yelling something like; LOSE? NO YOU LOSE! When they yell they get hostile, and are therefore targetable. If and when this happens, simply throw the Expired Blackout Brew upon the npc, resulting in completing the achievement: Bottle Service.

brawlers arena

There are a few good places you can jump on structures to get a better view of the fights.

Keith "The Party" Westin

Theres not much known about¬†Keith “The Party” Westin yet besides he loves glam & dancing. He’s also involved in the quest:¬†To Catch A Spy.

  • There is not nearly enough dancing in this club!
  • It’s about time! I’m parched over here!
  • Yuck! That looks disgusting!
  • You know the service down here just keeps getting worse and worse!

Lidiya Peyton

Lidiya Peyton, Purveyor of Underhanded Things sells Rotten Fruits and Expired Blackout Brews. These items are used for the achievements. Rotting Fruits are the following: Rotten Watermelon, Rotten Apple, Rotten Banana, and Haters Gonna Hate.

Willard "Bubble" Wilcox

Willard “Bubble” Wilcox casts a portal to Orgrimmar, He is in the southwest corner of brawler area. Once you take the portal, you get ported outside the gates of Orgrimmar, and you do not get flagged. When you go through that portal you will get the debuff Rabble Rabble Rabble.