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Weekly Review: In Pictures!

One of my favorite world events “Love is in the Air” ended this week and thankfully it ended with “They Really Love Me” being achieved! Yay!

They Really Love Me

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m really slacking on planning & hosting guild events so at the last minute Barla and I threw together a guild Valentines Party. It wasn’t much but we had fun and that’s what counts!

We started with several guildies and friends meeting at Barla’s garrison where she surprised all of us with a handmade Valentine. They we’re each unique and you can see mine below. Thank you Barla!

Happy Valentines

Then we each did the /tired emote at her newest acquired follower Soulare of Andorhal who rewards you with the Wayfarer’s Bonfire (toy). We decided our party wouldn’t be complete without a quick visit to dispatch the event boss Apothecary Hummel. Of course no one was lucky enough to get the Love Rocket =(

Love Is In The Air guild party

Shenanigan’s continued with a nearly naked run thru heroic Blackwing Depths. That was totally a blast .. Nefarian didn’t stand a chance!

Love Is In The Air guild party

We concluded our party with a pet battle tournament where Snacks proceeded to wipe out every team we (Barlafumble, Madriss, Stormryder, and myself Starrefyre) put up against him.

Well I know that wasn’t much as far as a week in pictures but that’s the highlights, hope your week was a true adventure.

Equinox is Recruiting

Logged in this morning to find my guild <Equinox> is now level 25!!


I can’t say I’m surprised because when I logged last evening it was 95% of 24. I knew I should have hung around a little longer but the sand man was calling my name! That last level flew by in about 36 hours after I decided to throw the recruiting doors open! I’m looking forward to adventuring into WoD with our new friends. If your looking for a new guild, check out our guild information here.

Weekly Review; New Mount, Pet, & Several Achievements


My only new pet this week is Living Sandling which by the way DOES drop in LFR Throne of Thunder as well as Normal or Heroic mode although I found mine on the AH.

The Darkmoon Faire is back in town and still I do not have the Darkmoon Eye nor the Darkmoon Rabbit, crossing my fingers this will be the month. I sure hope Jeremy Feasel is in a gifting mood this month.

You may notice I’m not posting my raid round-up stats, that’s because I think I’ve proved my point. I have the worst luck when it comes to RNG!! I hear people say all the time how they haven’t hit a raid yet that didn’t drop at least one and my stats show it’s not uncommon for me to go 2-3 without a single pet drop. I do still need the Coilfang Stalker in order to complete Raiding With Leashes 2, maybe this week will be an SSC week.

In Other News

On our 24th kill my Rogue got the second Warglaive this week netting the achievement Earned the Feat of Strength Warglaives of Azzinoth. Speaking of my Rogue, I finished getting the Barrens armor set yah! I’m working on my Shaman now 3 of 7 pieces collected at this point. I just hope there’s time to finish it before 5.4 drops.


I hit the 14K mark on achievement points this week, actually as my newest achievement screenie shows I went past it slightly in thanks to a guild run through Bastion of Twilight (H) which netted Spectacular Death the Guild Achievement as well.


Those purple puddles we’re a nightmare even at level 90. Once again Blizz does not disappoint, Sinestra’s entrance was just awesome!!

Master of All

I forgot to mention it last week but finally I have one of each profession maxed out. I’ve just never really had a reason to finish leveling a blacksmith but finally I did it netting the achievement Master of All.

Grand Black War Mammoth

Another I forgot to mention (and I can’t believe I forgot!) is my new mount. This brings my total up to 172(A) and 174(H). The Grand Black War Mammoth from VOA dropped during a weekly guild mount round-up and I won with a roll of 100 I think. WooOOooT!

Grand Black War Mammoth

Weekly Review; Woe Is Me

Another slow week but this time not because I was slacking, nope, instead my computer decided it no longer wanted to cooperate. I still don’t know exactly what the issue is but so far I’ve cleaned up hard drive space freeing more than 100G of space (on both internal/external drives), run a chkdisk scan (only on internal drive because the external just wouldn’t start the scan), uninstall & re-installed my scan software (System Mechanic Pro), and uninstall & re-installed my graphic driver. When the problems still happened I also changed out my graphics card. Actually this computer isn’t even six months old yet so I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s behaving so badly. In the last few days I’ve seen the screen of blue death at least three times!

blue screen

For the most part the issues only occur when WoW is on and the stop/go action (locking up) get’s so bad there’s no point in even trying to play. I’ve gone from thinking it might be the monitor the kiddo just gave me a few days ago pulling to much power for my system (it is way bigger/nicer than mine) to maybe my graphics card is getting hot to OMG I’ll just reformat my drive!!

So as you can guess this week’s pet collecting hasn’t gone too well. Only one run thru Kara & TK w/one pet dropping from Curator. I did get one more pet scratched off my list Tideskipper but only because I spotted it on the ah for 2.3K and snatched it up. It’s funny this is the one new raid pet I wanted most and it’s so disappointing because it’s not a mini Morogrim and doesn’t blow bubbles out his umm bottom orifice haha.

Raid pet round-ups include (R5.3 Kara, SSC, TK, & ToT), (R5.2 ToT), or (R5.1 BWL, MC, & AQ). My stats for raid pet round-ups since 5.3 dropped;

  • Serpentshrine Caverns (13x’s)
    • Hydro; (2x)
    • Bubblebutt; (0)
    • Vash; (0)
  • Tempest Keep (14x’s)
    • Alar; (2x)
    • Reaver (1x)
    • Solar (0)
  • Karazhan (12x’s)
    • Opera; (0) {Oz (7x’s) R&J (5x’s) Wolf (0)}
    • Curator; (4x’s)
    • Prince; (1x)
    • Illhoof (1x)

I’m at 517 unique pets w/ seventy-six (I miss counted last week) @ Level 25 –> I still need; Coilfang Stalker and all six ToT pets. And nope I STILL haven’t started fishing up those Carps!

Raft Race

Spectacular Death had another awesome event this week but sadly I did not get to partake (stupid computer) nor did I even get to watch (stupid stupid computer). So the plan was using the Angler’s Raft  race around this Isle in Krasarang for a total three laps while also managing to fish up five of any one type of fish – three winners we’re chosen from those who completed the task the fastest.

raft race course raft race sights

Now if your familiar with this zone you’ll recognize it has a few wonderful sights to see along the way which can easily draw your full attention; pirate ships, monkeys, ruins, Oh and a gold dragon elite roaming the waters!

raft race

The raft race winners we’re 1st Warriorjoe, 3rd Resetta and 2nd Bearkisses GRATZ to ALL!!

In Other News

–> I managed to do the weekly Barrens quest on two toons this week (thank you guildies) which is great of course because not only is it a great way to get some timeless gear but it’s also a nice way to gear alts who don’t raid since these armor items are iLevel 489. AND if your into fun items like [Whole-Body Shrinka] [Xan’tish’s Flute] [Rainstick] [Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes] [Sen’jin Spirit Drum] [Bom’bay’s Color-Seein’ Sauce] you can get a few toys but remember this is a World Event and will be gone when Patch 5.4 drops so get em’ while you can. Also there’s a special Brawler’s Guild boss which can only be accessed by the Raptorhide Boxing Gloves and a battle pet Gahz’rooki which are each purchased by turning in 1 Radical Mojo gotten by completing the Barrens weekly quest.

–> My Mage is on the legendary quest for the staff so I was VERY happy to get another run at collecting Seething Cinders in Firelands this week. Drops we’re a touch slow I thought but hey I’ve got no complaints and besides I still need the rep and several achievements.

–> Working on another legendary quest we stomped through ICC this week. I’ve needed only a few achievements in here for quite a while and finally I was able to mark off two of three leaving “Been Waiting a Long Time for This” which may really be the hardest one of all to achieve. Bad luck for me because it’s all I need on both 10man & 25man and not everyone wants to even work on it so it get’s ignored (a lot).


–> My baby Druid over on Proudmoore is kinda in a slump this week after being yelled at for a tank repeatedly dieing during Stockades. On one hand, there was the LoS issue (Stockades UGH!) but on the other hand low level Druids only have Rejuv, Regrowth, Nourish, and Swiftmend at this level – only one is really an instant cast and that’s a HoT. I know realistically I shouldn’t let it bother me, so it was one bad run BIG Deal right? But it does because the whole reason I rolled a new Druid was for the practice healing and maybe I’m wasting my time even trying.

I’ve always wanted to be a Druid healer but after playing on dial-up for the first few years, then satellite the next couple years, and now finally DSL — I live in the boonies what can I say, high speed just wasn’t available! I learned to play with always being 2-3 seconds behind other people I tended to play ranged DPS. I think maybe playing this way for so many years is now making it really hard for me to re-train my brain to go quick/move/cast/go/go/go which healers need to be able to do in order to do it well.

Weekly Review; Death To The Warchief!

Another slow week has come and gone and I have nothing to show for it, not even a full raid pet round up (R5.3 Kara, SSC, TK, & ToT), (R5.2 ToT), or (R5.1 BWL, MC, & AQ). Raid pet round-up stats since 5.3 dropped;

  • Serpentshrine Caverns (13x’s)
    • Hydro; (2x)
    • Bubblebutt; (0)
    • Vash; (0)
  • Tempest Keep (13x’s)
    • Alar; (2x)
    • Reaver (1x)
    • Solar (0)
  • Karazhan (11x’s)
    • Opera; (0) {Oz (6x’s) R&J (5x’s) Wolf (0)}
    • Curator; (3x’s)
    • Prince; (1x)
    • Illhoof (1x)

I’m at 516 unique pets with eighty-three (so far) leveled to twenty-five. I still need; Tideskipper, Coilfang Stalker and all six ToT pets. Ooh and I still haven’t’ even started fishing up those carps!

Death To The Warchief!

Spectacular Death hit Garrosh Sunday evening, when I say hit I mean it too! We went in with eighteen peeps and got him down to 45% before being over whelmed by horde. So we killed some time by smoking Lady Sylvanas. Undercity is normally a challenge simply because of the number of horde defenders plus NPCs in the chamber room but when you add CRZ to that equation it should be a nightmare. However we found the zone to still have a low population so we quickly dispatched the Dark Lady and headed back to Orgrimmar. We ended up with twenty, maybe twenty-two people by the time we drove the last breath out of Garrosh.


Most people agree taking out Garrosh is a real Feat of Strength especially when you factor in the small number of peeps we took. But defense this second time around came much slower and I would say the first 25% – 35% of damage was a clean sweep. Heck I think through-out that point we had horde watchers cheering us on – then they started trickling in and as you can see by the time we ended the second battle we had riddled the throne room with skeletons. As my screenshot shows several Tauren bones close by you can understand it was mostly horde skeletons.

In Other News

I started a new Druid on Proudmoore, for two reasons really; one I want to be able to heal in a crunch and my druid totally sucks at healing (heck all my healers do IMO). And two, I thought joining the guild “Classic” for some classic style raiding might be fun! So I started a new Worgan and spent a day or so going through the Gilneas starting zone. Of course I have chosen resto, my plan is too get practice in by leveling with mostly LFG and maybe a few pet battles just for fun.


As a new toon on a new server I’m reminded how VERY limited heirlooms can be. For the most part it’s much higher level toons who can really gather heirloom gear because of the currencies involved. However it never becomes soulbound and can always be traded around any of your characters on the same server. You can server transfer a toon with heirlooms (you may need to be wearing them, I’m not sure) but I didn’t go that route. The guild I joined is only level 19 so currently the only guild heirloom item available are the capes – the helms become available when they reach level twenty – and leggings IF they complete the guild achievement [Working Better as a Team].

If you can gather the currency there are other heirlooms; Darkmoon Prize Ticket [N], Champion’s Seal [N], Justice Heirlooms [A][H], Honor Heirlooms [A][H], Guild Vendor [A][H], and misc item (Dread Pirate Ring).