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Rare Hunter Pet: Portent


I finally tamed Portent, thanx to Barla. I had been having issues finding the tracks and I think it maybe was a phasing issue but it’s all good now. In the mean time I spent a couple hours looking for some way to make tracking these rare hunter pets easier. Why can’t NPC_Scan Overlay have something similar for hunter rares huh!

Map – Rare Hunter Pet Portent

Tracking Portent

Tracking Rare Hunter Pet Portent

TomTom the add-on for adding and viewing way points on your map is a great way for tracking rare hunter pets. This add-on is super easy to use and I found this great tutorial already exist so no need to rehash the basic info. However it doesn’t actually give you the way points for this rare hunter pet (In this case Portent) nor does it explain how to add way points, so here goes.

Make a new macro then copy paste the full code into it, click save. Yes it will take seven new macros to complete the full way point path. Once you’ve saved all seven macro’s, pull them into a slot on your bar, and then click each one >> you can now see the path across your Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone map. Believe me, it could be worse, this is only a fraction of all the actual coordinates for each and every paw print Portent lays. I tried to keep it simple and lay out the basic path so watch closely for those tracks.

Macro #1
/way 14.4 27.6
/way 13.6 30.2
/way 12.8 30.2
/way 13.6 30.2
/way 12.8 31.6
/way 11.2 34.0
/way 11.8 33.2
/way 11.6 37.0
/way 13.0 36.8
/way 13.6 36.8
/way 13.6 38.4
/way 15.2 39.2
/way 16.8 37.6
/way 15.2 39.8
/way 15.0 43.0
/way 14.8 44.2
/way 14.6 47.2

Macro #2
/way 14.6 49.6
/way 14.8 52.0
/way 13.8 53.4
/way 15.6 53.8
/way 17.4 52.8
/way 18.4 52.4
/way 19.4 52.4
/way 20.2 53.0
/way 20.8 53.8
/way 21.6 55.4
/way 22.0 55.6
/way 24.0 55.8
/way 24.6 55.6
/way 25.8 58.2
/way 27.6 58.0
/way 29.2 59.8
/way 30.2 59.2

Macro #3
/way 30.8 58.0
/way 30.4 56.2
/way 31.4 53.8
/way 31.4 53.8
/way 33.2 53.6
/way 33.8 51.8
/way 33.6 51.0
/way 33.6 50.0
/way 32.6 48.4
/way 30.8 49.6
/way 30.2 49.6
/way 29.2 48.4
/way 27.8 45.6
/way 27.6 43.2
/way 28.6 39.2
/way 29.0 37.6
/way 28.8 35.0

Macro #4
/way 29.6 31.0
/way 30.4 27.8
/way 31.0 27.0
/way 32.4 26.2
/way 32.8 24.8
/way 34.2 25.8
/way 35.8 23.6
/way 34.4 28.4
/way 34.6 32.4
/way 35.6 33.0
/way 37.6 30.8
/way 37.8 30.2
/way 39.2 28.6
/way 40.4 29.8
/way 41.2 30.2
/way 42.4 31.2
/way 44.2 33.2

Macro #5
/way 45.8 33.0
/way 47.0 31.2
/way 49.2 30.2
/way 50.0 31.6
/way 49.8 32.8
/way 49.6 36.8
/way 49.6 38.0
/way 49.8 41.2
/way 50.6 42.4
/way 51.6 44.4
/way 52.2 45.6
/way 52.6 45.4
/way 53.4 47.2
/way 52.6 48.8
/way 52.0 52.2
/way 51.0 54.0
/way 50.6 58.2

Macro #6
/way 51.4 59.6
/way 52.6 59.8
/way 54.8 59.4
/way 56.4 60.6
/way 57.0 61 2
/way 57.8 60.8
/way 59.2 61.6
/way 61.2 62.0
/way 62.4 61.6
/way 63.6 60.2
/way 64.8 59.6
/way 66.0 56.4
/way 66.6 56.4
/way 68.0 55.4
/way 68.8 54.0
/way 67.8 53.2
/way 66.0 51.8

Macro #7
/way 65.4 49.4
/way 65.0 43.8
/way 65.6 42.8
/way 66.4 37.0
/way 67.0 38.0
/way 66.0 35.4
/way 66.6 31.6
/way 68.2 28.6
/way 69.0 26.8
/way 69.8 24.6
/way 70.0 23.4
/way 72.2 23.6
/way 73.6 24.0
/way 75.0 24.8
/way 76.4 26.2
/way 77.6 25.8
/way 78.6 25.0

Amber Parasite

After some disappointment at first, I finally managed to get the Amber Parasite in these last few hours of the day. I worked my hunter up to 90 fairly quick because I wanted this particular hunter pet in my stable before 5.2 hits, which I’m assuming will be tomorrow.

To get the parasites to spawn you must be on the Klaxxi daily quest “Infestation”. Luck would have it I haven’t gotten that quest at all or so I thought while trying for it these last 2 or 3 days. This evening I decide to clear some of the Dread Waste quest in my log along with the Klaxxi dailies and was I surprised when “Infestation” popped up after turning in some other quest. WooOOooT!

I rush out to the edge of the zone and slap a moth around a time or two. It doesn’t take long for maybe a half-dozen parasites to start nipping at my ankles. I freeze trap the moth and tame. Walla! A lovely (or not haha) Amber Parasite.

Burnished Set


The red arcane serpent Acroniss found in Silithus has now joined my collection of rare pets. I credit Cymre for my finding out about this pet, I saw it featured in one of her screenshots not long ago. Then a few days ago I was reminded about it when I saw it again at Euphyley’s blog. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this one like yesterdays tame which is lucky for me. I’ve checked for this rare only a couple times before logging in today and finding her floating in place and for once with no one else standing about.

It’s hard to believe how popular such a small corner of Silithus is now. CRZ is involved of course because for the most part it’s people leveling somewhere in 50-60 range that I’ve encountered in the area. BUT this morning when I parked, there we’re four yes four others in cave and one of those a level 90 hunter. I figure he was there to tame as well so I decided to come back later. I starting logging out and just before I poofed I saw the quest NPC spawn and I’ll be dang if that alliance hunter didn’t kill it before any of those lowbie’s (all horde) could even touch him, like how rude!


Gorishi Grub

Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield.

After five and a half hours waiting & watching American Horror Story (season one) and finally on the second spawn of Clutchmother Zavas I have my green Gorishi Grub.

The first time around there we’re four hunters waiting for more than two hours and two of them we’re lucky enough to get tames BUT someone forgot to passify their new pet and it quickly killed the mother. So the waiting began again and by the time she spawned again more than three hours later there we’re five hunters waiting. This time we made sure to worn everyone to be sure to passify there new pets quickly which resulted in everyone getting there new tame.

I’ve seen quite a few of these monster grubs around Shine of the Seven Stars lately but it was reading Matty’s post which led me to Euphyley’s post which lit a fire under my behind to rush out and tame it before Patch 5.2 hits in a couple weeks. If I manage to hit 90 before this patch I hope to also tame the other grub, Amber Parasites. Now for a name ….


Transmog: Playing Dress Up

So I finally played with the new Transmogrification feature World of Warcraft added in the 4.3 patch, a while back. I can see where fashion forward people could really get addicted to finding just the Right Outfit for all their toons — Holiday outfits, work clothes for gathering or fishing, unique looks for just whenever – could be fun!

I started simple, I personally have always favored the T6 druid set Thunderheart from BC. So my druid Starrefyre is sporting most of the set – she still needs three items from Sunwell (wrist, feet, and hands).

Since my mage really doesn’t have any even near complete teir sets I started collecting all the cloth pieces my younger toons got while leveling as well as cloth quest rewards for her. I spent an hour so today sorting those pieces and doing some searching on the auction house for items to match.

HibernalI came across this website where a few sets caught my eye:

Arachnidian Set (cloth)
Hibernal Set (cloth)
Headhunter’s Set (leather)
Stoneweaver/Buccaneer’s Set (cloth)
Highborne Regalia (cloth)
Bandit Set (leather)
Master’s Set (cloth)

OF Course NONE of these items were on the AH at the moment I checked. Luck would have it though I have other pieces that look identical (or nearly) to this Hibernal Set! So I finished it first – I’m going to wear it during the Darkmoon Faire week =)

Staff of the Four Golden Coins
Ango’rosh Souleater’s Cowl
Zangar Epaulets
Venomshroud Vest
Hibernal Sash
Eldr’naan Gloves
Eldr’naan Bracelets
Eldr’naan Pants
Eldr’naan Boots

Check out these similar looks: Another green version Venomshroud Regalia, a kewl purple version Embrace of the Viper, Eldr’naan Regalia another green version, and mentioned above Arachnidian Set a bright teal colored set.

This is some screens of my latest look while working the quest chain to save Thrall.

I had this unusual looking chest piece I had never seen before: Watcher’s Tunic which turns out was a quest reward for ‘Forge Camp: Annihilated’. I also found a really kool belt for it with what looked like a crescent moon turned up but yellow/black. It was a perfect belt for this chest but turned out it was leather and soulbound so I trashed it and don’t remember the name. Her matching helm is the Ghostly Headwrap another quest reward. I also had this belt Sash of Serpentra in my bank so I used it. Matching shotlders are: Terrorcloth Mantle. The weapon is The Stalkers’ Fangs and the offhand is Matriarch’s Spawn both from Naxx. And finishing it off for lack of anything else is the pants, boots, gloves, and bracers from the Vicious Fireweave or Embersilk sets.

I can see where many people who may Want or Need to finish out theirs transmog sets are going to find some items may be quite hard to come by simply because if their anything like me they have long ago completed most of the quest!! Here’s WOWHeads transmog directory, shows nearly ALL armor sets in the game. And another Wow Fashion Blog: Transmog Fashion.

And last but not least I dressed my hunter up in a look-a-like Windrunner’s Battlegear Set.

Deathta'lacOoh I just have to share, I got Deathta’lac YAY!! I saw him up so I thought why not give it a shot. I tried twice then summoned my druid out there to help me with dots and DPS him down quicker. We managed a 32% at best before we had any onlookers. Another hunter was watching my last attempt and offered to help. We hit 24% she started saying ‘TAME’ so I did thinking below 30% it was cake .. nope dead! Turns out he is tamable below 30% but his spell effect doesn’t drop till under 17%. So we tried again and by now an Orc hunter was also laying traps while sporting his own purple spider and I go and FALL off the ledge!!! Embarrassing to say the least LMAO. One more try, by now a DK seems to have joined us as well. His health goes down quite quickly and before I know it he’s at 14% I back off drop one more ice trap, back off even more, and hit my ‘tame’ macro. Walla!! I have a shiny new member on my rainbow squad named Donatello! PS> I added Terrorspine (firelands turle) to my pet collection just a short while later. The funny thing is (to me at least) I may be naming my rainbow squad (firelands spiders) after the TMNT but honestly I don’t much care for turtles. I named him ‘Spike” after a rather nasty but my favorite Gremlin!