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Shared Topic: World of Warcraft Collections

Noahdeer suggested this weeks Shared Topic:  World of Warcraft has added many different items for players to collect, whether it be collecting pets, mounts, transmog gear or knickknacks about the lore. This week’s topic asks what you do collect in the game and what is your prized item from that collection?

Luckily for me RL keeps my hoarding tendencies in check and nothing I have or may want to collect takes over my house in anyway; books, movies, music, unicorns, bells, nutcrackers, ornaments, ect… If only that we’re true in WoW where my vault, bank(s), bags, and even void storage(s) are bursting at the seems.

My most favorite pet would be the Celestial Dragon, she’s beautiful and kicks butt on nearly any battle pet team! My most prized pet though would be the Spirit of Competition.

Recently I had two accounts combined and this beloved dragonkin disappeared. After several tickets & phone calls Blizz did finally return it but only after making a point that this was an exception on their part. They claim the pet was earned by a specific account which was the one I moved away from. My standing was and still is that the pet was earned by a specific registered game account and it shouldn’t matter which account it resides on. Regardless, they hold the power and I’m grateful for the exception to the rule which resulted in both my in-game accounts now sharing the pet.

According to the official armory I have 170 mounts but in-game, I have 142 [A] and even less on the other side. My most favorite mount would be the Raven Lord because it’s beautiful and it joined my collection on all days; my Birthday for realz. My most prized mount would be the Swift Zhevra.

I’m not really wearing tabards much these days but my favorite when I was would have been the TCG Tabard of Flame. My most prized would have to be the Spirit of Competition tabard. At one time I was really into collecting tabards so I’ve ended up with quite a few including several from the TCG. Blizz really should give us a trophy case for these much like the old keyring.

I love collecting tier sets, it doesn’t matter what class I am I find myself hunting down my favorite tier sets weekly. Thunderheart Set [T6] is most favorite and most complete set my druid owns closely followed by the almost full (cries) Wildheart Set [T1]. Sadly I’ve lost my full Defias Set and the pre Wrath Event sets.

Misc items I treasure the Little Wickerman an item influenced by pagan tradition and/or events. Transformation items have always been a favorite of mine like Orb of Deception, Orb of the Sin’dorei, Dartol’s Rod of Transformation, and Time-Lost Figurine. Random items with no real value: Spectral Essence, Argent Dawn Commission, Carrot on a Stick, and Chainlink Towel all items may be useless now but they we’re fun to have collected and used once upon a time.


Shared Topic: If you could have another skill or two for your class, what would it be?

Effy suggested this weeks Shared Topic: Okie, so it seems whenever I have a Shared Topic idea, they come in groups… We all have our favorite classes, and sometimes, even with our favorites we wish they had just a little something more. Like another skill that would be super cool and perfect to our class. Like for my Shaman, I think I should have more elementals.

If you could have another skill or two for your class, what would it be?

acme_anvilOk well after giving this some thought all week I just couldn’t really come up with a super power unless blowing bubbles and being able to capture someone inside counts .. man now that’s some cc haha.

So I was thinking what would I like to have and what came to mind was the cartoon joke items made by Acme Corporation like the anvil. Picture either being able to specify a target area for the anvil to land on your enemies doing massive smashing damage if your ranged OR a sudden wallop anvil sized arm coming down to crush foes if your melee – could be kool huh.

Or how about the black-hole for portals? Rubber duck bombs? Rubber band sling-shots? Or maybe something else comes to mind? Silly yes, but sure would be fun.

Shared Topic: Which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing”?

Mataoka posted this weeks Shared Topic: A few weeks ago, I noticed logging onto some characters seemed to be more irksome than others, it dawned on me that there were a few who never, ever seemed to be a chore to play. My question is, (and yes, you need to have more than one character over level 1) which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why? Perhaps think of this from a role playing perspective, that this character has a personality, play style and demeanor that inevitably just works. I’d love to meet them!

I do love all my toons but I am guilty of having favorites. However I’ve never been much for RP so just from a play stand point here’s my answer:


My druid has always been my baby, my heart, my focus ect… Somewhere around May 2005 my daughter’s boyfriend who had enlisted after having just graduated gave me his WoW account (no, I didn’t know better!). My first character was a druid — everyone should play druids!! I spent the first few years just putting around Azeroth on low level toons questing and having fun as I met new people and eventually co-founded a guild on Steamwheedle Cartel. Sadly that account got hacked about three years in and I couldn’t recover it with it not being in my name (yes, lesson learned). That was a sad sad day for me, especially since it had my BC Collector’s Edition attached to it. Of course I rushed out and bought a new copy of WoW and restarted my druid which I played day in and day out — daylight till dark — yah you get the idea. In 2009 the raiding guild I was in transferred to Turalyon and eventually died there so in 2011 I started playing on Llane to hang out with the kool people in Spectacular Death. Not wanting to rush into paying for transfers until I was sure I would enjoy this server I started another druid rather than pay to transfer characters. So all together I’ve leveled 3 no 4 druids at some point or another — yep I LOVE druids.


My hunter whom I love but I completely admit I’ve never been good at, is rarely played for anything besides farming unless it’s for even more fun things like hunting rare tamable pets. Since she’s on my second account I tend to go months without really playing on her. However I just had my Bnet accounts combined so since achievement are now combined I’ll probably play her much more often now.


Once I made the full transfer to Llane and joined Spectacular Death I wanted to do my part so I made a night elf mage and leveled her fairly quickly for the guild achievement [Classy Night Elves] in the process she became my favorite character and has really been my main focus ever since.


Shared Topic: Future Raid-Dropped Pets?

Effraeti posted the Shared Topic this week: While running through MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx over the weekend, I got to thinking… If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?

As a pet hoarder I love this question. So here’s my answers.


The Val’kyr in Ice Crown Citadel they may look like angels but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re your friends haha.

Morogrim Tidewalker

Morogrim Tidewalker not because he’s blue, nope – because seriously is there anyone who can keep from laughing when he blow’s bubbles out of his umm bumm? HAHA.


I don’t ever see this happening especially since we have the Phoenix Hatching from Magister’s Terrance but how many people who have failed getting Al’ar as a mount would be happy getting it as a pet? I would.

HakkarAvatar of Hakkar

And while no longer a raid boss, I think Hakkar the Soulflayer the Blood God of the Gurubashi trolls would be an awesome pet. Also not a raid boss, the Avatar of Hakkar just plain looks kool with it’s skeletal wind serpent look.

Blog Azeroth Thanks – Giving

Like many others I’m sure, I find other Warcraft bloggers to be a plethora of information and a wealth of OMG that’s just TOO awesome – I can do that too! Haha yes it’s true I get most of my enthusiasm from reading what other bloggers have been or are currently up to. However I find more often than not that I’m always a day behind, or truth be told it’s usually more like weeks, months, and not too often but in the case of the ‘Champion of the Naaru’ title it was even years.

On to the point here … After spotting a link to the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving 2011 Event (yes last year – late again) on Cymre’s blog I decided it was high time to post a few Thank You’s to some in the WoW blogging community myself! To start off there are more than a few bloggers who share gold making information and keep many gold goblins (including myself) motivated to reach the goal of joining the exclusive club “Warcraft Millionaires”. And I want to say: THANK YOU to Nev, Cold, Faid, & Jim as well as all the countless other making Warcraft gold bloggers out there – without you I would never have caught the gold goblin bug!! Blogs: AH Addict, Colds Gold Factory, Nerffaids, & Power Word Gold.

It would be an in justice to not also mention the new fashion trendy Warcraft bloggers who have brought transmogrification to the forefront of many Warcraft players minds the last year or so. I want to say: THANK YOU to Noelani, Kirina, & Cymre. Blogs: Wow Roleplay Gear, Kirina’s Closet, & Bubbles of Mischief. AND who ever owns the blog Totally Transmog, thank you for some awesome mogs!

And a BIG Thank You to my most favorite Warcraft bloggers at Wow Insider, MMO Champion, and Wowhead for helping to keep Warcraft fun by sharing all the little tips/tricks that can sometimes go unnoticed.

Please keep the inspiration flowing, I leave you with this thought as I’ve always loved how it tickles the imagination.

~ We are the music makers… and we are the dreamers of dreams.” – Willy Wonka