Cloth Transmog: of Tirisfal

I finally picked up the last piece of the PVE Tier 5 set a few nights ago while on a guild mount run. This is another thing thats been on my To Do List for way to long to admit. I don’t know if it’s color or the style or maybe that its the night elf but this set just doesn’t tickle my fancy. Thus nothing fancy here, I like the glow on the shoulders which is quite similar to the glow from the wand and I do like this darker shade of red.

My pet of choice here is the Brilliant Kaliri, the purples in the cape compliments the lovely colors of this pet I think.

PVE Tier 5

Tirisfal Regalia, also included are Drape of the Skyborn, Veteran’s Dreadweave Belt, Velvet Boots of the Guardian, Plague Igniter (wand), and Demonic Skull (off-hand).

Brilliant Kaliri

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