Dalaran Horde Side

Can you believe I have never gone all the way into the Horde side of Dalaran? Well I haven’t until tonight which was “Play Your Horde” a guild event scheduled once or twice a month. 

I feel so cheated, from the moment I walked into the horde Inn I bet my mouth was hanging open.

Dalaran Horde Inn
The Dalaran Horde side, Inn

Dalaran Horde Inn

This Inn is luxuriously decorated with floor to ceiling drapes, multiple animal skin rugs dotting the floor, and a massive fireplace. Look at this table, I had to wonder who’s having a party and can I get away with party crashing? I took a peek in the kitchen and they have a stockpile of fresh food, baskets of fruits, and bags of grain… I tell you horde will not be going hungry anytime soon.

Dalaran Horde Inn 2nd Floor
The Dalaran Horde side, Second Floor

Seriously this Inn is so massive, it even comes with hammocks for resting visitors, that there’s an Assistant Innkeeper.

The Dalaran Horde side, Battlegrounds Portal Room

Wow, look at those mystical drapes… where can I get some! I promise my screenshot isn’t doing much justice for the details of this room cathedral ceiling and all.

The Dalaran Horde side, Auction Bot & Vendors

Another splendid room, this one is bigger than the corresponding Alliance side but not overly sized like everything else has been in this Horde area.

I worked on level 82 shadow priest for just a short-time this evening and most of that time was spent leveling tailoring and enchanting. I did pick up the Thrall quest and headed off into Deepholm before turning in for the night.

The Maelstrom, I wanted to just jump in soooo bad!

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  1. Aah, the first time I saw that inn I reacted pretty much the same way! I mean, the Alliance equivalent is nifty, and I love their beer garden, but the scale of the Horde place is unlike any other inn around.

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