Day 12 – A Usual Day in Your Life/Online Time

This post is part of the “20 days of challenge” which you can read about at Soulbound.

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time.

Usually I’m crawling out of bed by 8:30 – 9am heading straight for the coffee maker and power button. I start my day by reading email, making and/or reading a few blog post, followed by checking the news feeds WowInsider, Wowhead, WoW, and MMO if there’s been recent updates.

When I eventually turn WoW on: I have not been faithfully doing daily quest. I’m still needing to max Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, Anglers, Shado-pan, Operation Shieldwall, and August Celestials on my main. Nor have I really started working the Black Prince quests besides picking them up.

I haven’t yet started LFR even though I’ve had the numbers awhile now. I hate going alone and since I haven’t done any I’d rather go with someone who can talk me though (mumble, vent, or even skype) and when the opportunity has come up I’ve either been busy or it’s late enough I’m just too tired by that point.

I have been doing a lot of battle pets. I’m currently 47/75 towards the level 25 pets — I’m pushing 1-2 pets up daily. I’m upgrading pets almost daily, I’m down to 4 grey/white quality pets left in my collection.

Our guild usually has several fun events planned for the month like a weekly mount run where we hit Ony, EoE, OS3, VoA, and TK  all on the same night. Recently we’ve also started a pet run for the new raid battle pets Naxx, BWL, MC, and AQ40. These are not usually on the same night nor do we always get all 4 raids done as a group but that’s not really an issue because most people like myself solo or duo them through-out the week anyway. Once a week (usually weekends) we run old raids lately it’s been Firelands, Ulduar, or ICC but I see Dragon Soul coming up on the schedule, been awhile since we ran that one.

By the time I’ve had my WoW fill for the day it’s usually dark we eat dinner and catch a show or two (gotta clear out the DVR some time haa) before heading off to bed. On rare occasions we may go out shopping, watch a movie, eat dinner, or visit one the kiddos but not often. And on really super rare occasions we might head off to visit family elsewhere or go take in a new sight. A few days a week we usually have one or more of our younger grand children running about and at least one weekend a month our oldest grandsons stay over as well. My life may sound drab and even boring to many people but hey it’s what I want to do and it makes me happy. So it’s all good IMO and that’s what counts.

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