Day 14 – This Upsets You

This post is part of the “20 days of challenge” which you can read about at Soulbound.

Day 14 – This upsets you.

People who are quick to jump on others no matter the situation, it’s like a comment I read on a blog a few days days ago “As we get older, we often find ourselves become more jaded and more cynical.” Now that I understand, I’m not so much on the young side myself  anymore but age does not make it OK to judge everyone else unfairly, especially since quite often it’s a simple miss-understanding. I would like to hold out hope as a society we would rather teach compassion, patience, virtue. No I’m not a bleeding heart or tree hugger I’m just a parent who cares about teaching children (even the not so young one’s) wrong from right.

Occasionally someone does know NEED isn’t supposed to be used on every single roll but they do it anyway because they can. That makes them the jackass, You do not “in-turn” have to be a jackass yourself. Simply put it out there that greed is more appropriate and if the person refuses to play fair, kick em — there’s really no reason for name calling or childish behaviors.

Seriously, next time some silly ret pally or dps warrior rolls need on a dodge item against a tank, just tell em that the item is more appropriate for the tank don’t just call them a “tool bot” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean and kick’em.

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