Day 16 – Things You Miss (post Cataclysm)

This post is part of the “20 days of challenge” which you can read about at Soulbound.

Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm).

Hmmm well off the top of my head I really can’t think of anything – oh wait yes I can the moonwell that used to be in Stormwind Park for one thing. In order to make [moon cloth] you must be in a moon well so unless your a mage (port to Darnassus and almost land in one) your going to do some traveling should you need this cloth. Rumor has it that 5.2 we’ll be seeing a rebuilt Stormwind and Orgrimmar so get your screenshots now.

Mr. Smite, yes I miss that cow dang it actually now that I think about it I much preferred the old Deadmines all together. I miss Cookies Tenderizer, yes it’s still around but not as a rolling pin anymore. I used to see the Green Wing Macaw drop fairly often in Deadmines, I haven’t seen it drop for myself even once since the re-design. And as many toons as  I’ve dressed in the Defias set over the years, I totally blew it and didn’t keep it on a single one..

Pls forgive the sound of a broken record here but I miss the friendly people who used to play WoW. Today you’ll notice a lot people play WoW with chat totally turned off because there sick of putting every Tom, Dick, and Harry on ignore. There’s been many a day I’ve shut my game totally off after some fast-paced know-it-all made life in Azeroth unbearable. It seems to be getting worse the longer WoW goes. All people who want to continue playing, like me, can do I guess is find a guild of good people to interact with and stay out of the PUG & TRADE fray as much as possible.

I’m almost positive there are many other things that went poof with Cataclysm that I’m guilty of missing, maybe more will come to mind later.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Things You Miss (post Cataclysm)”

    1. To all the shy people “come out friendlies and let’s play shyly together” because solo play’n is ok but can get tedious sometimes. I seriously understand shy I’ve become something of an quiet loner kinda player myself over the years, not on purpose mind you.

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