Day 18 – Your Favourite Outfit

This post is part of the “20 days of challenge” which you can read about at Soulbound.

Day 18 – Your favourite outfit.

Oh that’s a hard one, I don’t think I have just one favorite outfit. This a good topic since I haven’t made a list of items I want in a while. I know there’s more I’m forgeting but here’s a few set’s I know I’m working on collecting:

Leather: Wanderer’s set, I have this set in mind for my new pandaren monk.

Mail: Captain’s set (Combat Mail Recolor), I’m thinking about my shaman here but not sure about wearing this on a Draenei. I have my little level 40 knight elf warrior wearing the Battleforge – Bloodknight set. She has to be escorted everywhere by a level 25 Kun-lai Runt named Bodyguard because she’s so damn sexy, haha.

Plate: Emerald set, I plan to do a mix & match with other set’s on this look but I really quite like colors.

Weapon’s: Conifer Cone Staff

I absolutely loved the first armor set my mage collected questing into Myst. I have transmog’d her to it several times and still people whisper me asking about it, Silkwood. I already have the Hibernal Robes so using Mogit I came up with this set to works towards. I do wish I could better looking shoulders & head gear for it though… I’ll probably never complete it but I can wish.


I love the transmog my druid had before Myst, I’ve actually been planning to put her back in it now that she’s leveled on to 90; ymarjar physicians robes.

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