Day 19 – In Your Bags/Bank

This post is part of the “20 days of challenge” which you can read about at Soulbound.

Day 19 – In your bags/bank.

My bags, bank, void storage, and even a personal g-vault are all full all the time. I’ve actually started chain mailing items back and forth to alts, whom also have full bags and banks. I’ve always been a pack-rat of sorts saving everything from cloth, leather, ore, even food items. More times than not I’ve ended up selling off the food stuffs but on the way I usually save myself a few headaches leveling up an alt’s professions.

I’ve started dabbling in gold making this last year which is how my personal g-bank got to six tabs and full, but since Myst the markets have really died on my server. I’ve gone from making maybe 5k a day to maybe 500.It’s been disheartening in some ways and I’ve found I don’t rush to my bankers everyday like I used too. If I tell the truth since the market drop some of my crafter’s have only even been posting auctions once or twice a week now compared to daily.

The transmog market was by far my best and even it has really died out as of late. I see many people still posting high priced to moderate priced set items but I have a hard time thinking they are actually selling anything considering I know I’m not really. I’ve also noticed a lot of the items I usually bought and flipped haven’t been so available anymore such as the Berto’s Staff which never failed to bring in 500g and sold 3+ a week at minimum.

Of course my pockets are not so jingly either because I have a bad habit of spending just as fast as I collect it haha. Currently I maybe somewhere about 35k total thanks to my addiction to collecting pets and Blizzards continuation of adding new ones. Today I collected 3.5k on glyphs sells alone so maybe things are looking up!

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