February AH Sales Report

I’ve been meaning to post a sales update but it’s so hard not to get distracted with leveling alts & professions, dailies, pet battles, ect .. I’m slightly early but I want to do this while it’s on my mind or next thing I know it’ll be the middle of March LOL.

Today my banker who mainly deals in the transmog market cleared a little more than 1K but yet two days ago collected more than 10K go figure. I’m at 5K so far today after checking my banker, scribe/alch, tail/ench, lw, & eng/jc.

You can see a list below of the items I’ve sold most often in the last month for all my toons.

February Sales

This list, also for one month, shows the highest priced items I’ve sold lately across all my toons. I used to just craft and send all items to my banker to AH but after losing my TSM settings more than once and having to set it up again/again I started having my crafters sell there own wares – not to mention the time I spent going between the mail box & AH was grueling and easily went well past the one hour mark.

February AH Sales

I would say my best market this month has been transmog and worst has been inscription although I have NOT been faithfully listing my auctions everyday I admit.

Things working (or not) for me:

  • Leatherworking: Sells for the Contender PVP gear are down but selling Viscous PVP gear has been smooth. I keep the fancy hats listed but I’m for sure losing out on fee’s because sells are down maybe as low as one a month – time to lower my prices I guess. I have noticed I can not depend on the TSM LW crafting queue because 99% of the items it wants me to make just don’t sell.
  • Inscription: Both kites still sell well while the BOE staves have gone down in sales. The mysterious cards just seem to sit on the AH these days so I’ve stopped making them. The DMF cards may be good sellers with high profits but I never have the required inks to make them – it may well be worth the investment to buy the inks though since these cards many times bring high profits. The shoulder enchants seem to sell out whenever I do list them which isn’t often enough I suppose.
  • Alchemy: I try to remember to make my Living Steel daily. I usually ask a guildie to make Living Steel Belt Buckles for me which I won’t sell for less than 500g. Anytime I make/sell Master Health Potions they sell out quickly. I’m dabbling in making/selling flask now but I haven’t done the math – shameful I know.
  • Jewelcrafting: Before MOP the JC pets sold well but now they aren’t worth making – then again there are some new items like the Jade Owl and the JC mounts but I’m still working on the rep for all these schematics. Patch 5.2 will also add another JC pet Pierre. I’m planning to give the ore shuffle another try and see how the current market stands up since I’ve been leveling my Hunter lately who’s a miner and this way I don’t feel bad investing gold into buying the ore.
  • Tailoring: I try to remember to make Imperial Silk daily which quite often procs the Imperial Silkworm sadly these are so abundant they aren’t really worth anything beyond gifting family/friends. Maybe just maybe a quick power leveling session might make them more valuable, I’ll have to try that. Sells for the Contender PVP gear are down but I have been selling the gloves of creation and the spelltwisters gloves pretty regularly.
  • Enchanting: I prolly only make 1-2 Sha Crystals weekly, for one thing I don’t have any use for them yet and secondly I haven’t been going out of my way to get mats. Enchanting scrolls have been a horrible investment for me. I carried over quite a few scrolls that sold before MOP but haven’t sold much or at all since.

Currently I’m using up everything I grow on my farm as well any fish I’m fishing up along the way. I go once/twice a month and grab a dozen or more Horde only recipes and Outland recipes which I flip for a nice profit.

The latest tip I can share comes from Nev @ AH Addict: Moss Agate which can be prospected from tin ore has picked up in sales lately (as seen in my screenshot above). Now I don’t know the reasons behind this but I did throw some on the AH after reading the tip and my auctions we’re successful.

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