Happy Valentines!

Hope everyone found a little love in their lives today! It’s my 29th wedding anniversary .. for reals, if that’s not some true love I don’t know what is. The Love is in the Air event is actually designed after the love holiday and thus just as inundated with candy, perfumes, and flowers.

Our guild along with running the event boss and helping people with achievements towards their “Love Fool” title also held a mini event, sorta – the great Valentine’s Day bag/bank clean out. Basically, you pick ten guild mates and send them an item you’ve been meaning to clean out of your bags/bank – wrapped if possible.

Personally I’m always trying to make space for some new item I plan to maybe someday transmog so I don’t really have a lot of random items just taking up bag space. But apparently Gimm does, she states; “If you’re like me,  you have a “crap-ton” of stuff in your bank and your bags. Some of it, you really do want to keep. It has sentimental value or useful functions. Some of it, well, I have three stacks of mystery meat. It’s a mystery to me why I have those.” Yep me too haha!

I started with my rogue whose a jewelcrafter and I knew had been trying to AH several gems cut during leveling. SO I grabbed them up and mailed em off with a quick note well all but four because I got this mail server error pretty much telling me I’d mailed enough people today. Haha. Then I dropped in on my druid who I knew had some leatherworking items that used to sell well but since Myst but have been being relisted over & over lately so anyways I wrapped em up and goto mail, but wait what is this, same error. Turns out your only allowed to mail 22 unique characters per hour. I didn’t know … Ok so I’ll finish those mails up later or not since I am well past 10 peeps I guess. I did receive a few items myself, a full stack of Light Leather and Spirit Dust, a handful of Zippy Copper Racers and a Paper Zeppelin Kit. Awww Thanks Guys!!

Today and tomorrow I’ll be leveling the event pets Toxic Wasteling and Peddlefeet to twenty-five. I’m really surprised we didn’t have a guild Valentines Pet Battle event scheduled since we usually do when it comes to holiday event pets.


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