Insane in the Membrane, Not Yet!

Steamwheedle Cartel I haven’t worked on this since late February so it was much over due! I went out to Tanaris where I found one lonely Paladin farming rep – unlike my last trip where there many farmers at once. I quickly group with this one fellow and we proceed to spend the next hour and a half farming pirates.

For only two of us I think we did quite well. I know I did because I was also looting! I left with nearly three dozen stacks of mageweave cloth and many many greens and a few blues. Steamwheedle CartelIf your a gold goblin at heart then you know that cloth is worth a nice bit of gold!

I also got exalted with Gadgetzan yah!! I did have to make a detour for those last 1000 points though. Off the coast of Northern Barrens across from Rachet lies an Isle called Fray Island with a few buildings and a few NPCs which give 2 points per kill. I personally found it worth going inside the larger building and popping Cap’n Garvey each time he spawned for a clean 14 points per kill. All of these NPCs spawn super quick so the time flew by very fast.

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