Ironbound Proto-Drake Yah!

I had planned to work on my hunter again but atlas the day has turned to evening and I’ve yet to even login to her. Instead I’ve spent my day dabbling. Checked email, facebook, twitter, blogged, did only a handful of dailies, and made the 8 rounds to level my Toxic Wasteling to level 25 all the while updating my blog post Love is in the Air post as well as adding some screenshots to my Happy Valentines post. My pet battles rewarded me with another flawless battle stone. This one an aquatic stone, which I used on my Sea Pony who is just to adorable for words! Oh I almost forgot to add, I finally got an Imperial Moth while making my cloth today, YAH!!

I tinkered with my blog settings and managed once again to either mess it up or reset some of the plugins that we’re keeping stats updated. Ugh. You would think I would learn a lesson; I mean that is why I have a test blog installed elsewhere.

I was over at WowInsider earlier and this entry caught my attention; My first week as Horde especially struck because I’ve also been questing more lately on the horde side myself.

The biggest shock, so far, was when I started doing scenarios upon reaching max level. Queuing for a random, I wound up getting Dagger in the Dark. I had completely forgotten about this scenario as it is Horde only right now, Alliance side we got A Little Patience. This scenario though, Dagger in the Dark, is phenomenal. I mean, some of it I sort of expected after reading Tides of War, but even still it was very well done. It was a sort of polarizing experience, and something that from a story perspective makes so much more sense with why Garrosh is going to be someone we have to defeat. I got so angry at the betrayal when Vol’jin gets stabbed, and staying after the scenario to talk with Vol’jin, I couldn’t help but actually care about killing Garrosh. Up to this exact point, as Alliance, I was very meh on the idea of having Garrosh be one of our bosses. I’m not saying that Theramore wasn’t a big deal, but this, oh man. You get to see what he’s up to, what he’s starting to work towards, and you see even further how deep the corruption goes. I felt the desire to end him even more personally.

This just makes me want to work even hard to see what I’ve been missing on the other-side and finally I’ve gotten my priest (almost) high enough to enter Pandaria so I can. But .. my hunter first because I want to tame these grubs before 5.2

Our guild ran Ulduar last night so I finally got the last achievement I’ve needed for a good while now, netting [Glory of the Ulduar Raider 25] and Ironbound Proto-Drake Yah!!! This makes 142 mounts very close to the next milestone so I guess I really should find some time to look up what I’m missing — like all the new JC mounts.


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    1. Yaa the more I look at it the more I love the coloring and runes on her now I just need to finish both ICC and get the Frostbrood.

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