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I haven’t gotten much done lately, the fam has been passing this tummy bug back and forth which is not fun. I was surprised with a flawless battle stone yesterday which I promptly used on my baby ape, leaving zero grey and one white quality wild pet yeah!! I’m still working for the battle pet achievements [Rookie Pet Mob] 46/75 and [Pro Pet Mob] 59/75 both have gone fairly slow with just 1-2 a day.

Nomi surprised me with a new lesson today Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky. After all the trouble getting this one started I sure am happy to see this new lesson – I’m thinking this makes me somewhere near half-way exalted.

That_Rabbits_DynamiteI jumped into a DMF Rabbit raid yesterday netting the achievement, That Rabbit’s Dynamite! Slay the ferocious Darkmoon Rabbit. I rolled an 85 for the bunny (not bad) but not good enough the winner rolled a 98.

Speaking of DMF, since I haven’t been feeling up to par this week I’ve already lost 2 days chances to get the DMF Eye from Jeremy. Crossing my fingers I can get lucky on one of the remaining days this week because so far that eye has been a no show in my reward bags.

I’ve picked up a few items as of late and got my ilevel to 470 although chicken that I am, I still have not ventured into LFR but I think I’m going this weekend with some guild mates which will ease my mind since I know someone will walk us through the strats via mumble.

My Mage hit revered with The Anglers and picked up the Grand Commendation even so it’s only like 1k rep a day so a good three week grind still ahead. I’m 3-5 days short of exalted with Klaxxi on my Druid.

Golden LotusI also got my Mage exalted with Gold Lotus (finally) so I now have 141 mounts including the cranes [Reins of the Azure Riding Crane][Reins of the Golden Riding Crane] & [Reins of the Regal Riding Crane] and I’m hoping this opens some new tailoring patterns but I haven’t gone to check yet. Once exalted a new quest pops up, The Final Power, OMG it’s such a PITA.

The Final Power was one of those quest where you better plan to have a large repair bill at the end OR stop and look it up first because unless you get really lucky jumping over the lightning or someone else is doing the same quest and thereby keeping Warlord Zhao-Jin engaged while your running back (and vice versa) you will probably die, a lot. What I ended up doing was mount and fly through Warlord Zhao-Jin to start the battle then I stayed above and just behind him so I had a clear view of the spear when it landed. Avoiding the lightning which will dis-mount you I would swoop down grab the spear (does not dis-mount you) and threw it at Warlord Zhao-Jin quickly flying back up out of range of the lightning, rinse and repeat.

I never thought it would come to this! Leven went to face Warlord Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter at the top of the palace steps, but our reinforcements cannot get through! We are the only ones who stand between him and the Vale’s greatest… and most deadly… powers. Please, , you must find a way to stop him!

The_Final_Power1 The_Final_Power2

The_Final_Power The_Final_Power

Speaking of new patterns, I’m hoping to find something new to sell because my latest gold making has gone from bad to worse. I was making 5k plus a day before Mist, I’d say I’m not even breaking 2k daily now. Definitely time to inventory the profession patterns/recipes and add something new to the sales list. Today the kiddo says “Turtle Mount (TCG) 20k” and I’m like WHERE only to realize now I have about 10k total … yep time to tune up my gold making strategies!

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  1. Grats on the achieves! Gosh I’m so lazy, I haven’t got Nomi yet, but I can’t seem to tera myself away from pet battles to go and finish my cooking. Won’t be long before you get your pet achieves, yay!

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