My Week in World of Warcraft

My Week in World of Warcraft

It was world quest bonus week in WoW this last week so I jumped on the chance to pick up 5K class hall resources. I did all 20 world quest on ten out of thirteen characters. So yaa I didn’t finish them all but I got the one’s who we’re the lowest on resources so I’m happy.

Blizzcon Tickets went on sale!! The goodie box and virtual ticket in-game goodies we’re announced!! IF you missed it, go watch the BlizzCon 2017 Pre-show Livestream Global Event video HERE.

Balance of Power

I had the worst luck this last week! It hasn’t taken more than two weeks to get all 20 nightshards since before they made changes to the drop rate back in like Patch 7.2 I think it was. My shaman went into Nighthold needing 10 nightshards and came out sill needing 2, not a single cluster the whole run!!

My death knight finished Emerald Nightmare and needs to quest in Suramar now. Speaking of Suramar, my rogue and warrior completed that this week and need to go through the SIX mythics before starting NH. AND My demon hunter completed the two starting mythics and is now ready for EN.

Currently my Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Mage, and Druid have completed the Balance of Power quest line for the weapon appearance.

  • Monk: Needs to quest in Azuna.
  • DH: Needs Emerald Nightmare.
  • Paladin & DK: Needs to quest in Suramar.
  • Rogue & Warrior: Needs mythics.
  • Shaman: Needs Nighthold.


I made some real progress on concordance this week. I finished hitting concordance level 1 on SIX more characters on ALL weapons. OF course the jump in AP with Patch 7.3 is what had made this huge push successful because I’m still not farming AP.


I’ve been doing the keto diet these past few weeks and because of that I’ve had some nasty headaches so didn’t do much xmog farming this last week just a quick mythic HFC and BRF with the guildies. AND nope I didn’t finish a single set =(


OMG, I also didn’t do any achievement farming this last week! Shame shame on me …


I spent a few hours on Argus and while questing I tagged a couple rares and got LUCKY! I was in Mac’Aree and like I always seem to aggro this rare Instructor Tarahna every time I get anywhere near that zone. We’ll this time it was worth it because she gave me the toy Yellow Conservatory Scroll

Maddened Chaosrunner

And just a few minutes later I tagged Wrangler Kravos and he gave me the Maddened Chaosrunner mount.

Barla and I spent like 3 HOURS working through the newest PUZZLE mount: Lucid Nightmare.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for all toons. DONE!!
  • Complete the class mount quest for my Warrior and DK.
  • Complete all the Legion profession quests/dungeons.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Farm Ursoc for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter. Farm TOV on my Warrior for that hidden appearance.
  • Finish the last four TWO Brawlers Guild ranks bosses for rank 8.
  • I STILL need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}

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