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My Week in World of Warcraft: #11

WHAT DID I DO this week in WOW.

Not much, I’m starting to sound like a broken record huh. It’s true I didn’t play a lot but I still managed to finish the weekly quest on everyone. It’s a good thing too because a couple of my toons really needed those resources. I did take my horde druid out to farm honorbound rep a couple times. I’ve still got a good ways to go, last look I was about 6/21K to exalted.


We had to start over in BoD this week, I guess because we skipped a week my lockout dropped off my Raid Info tab – whatever the reason we couldn’t continue. Again we had to pug (several times) to get that first boss down – but we did – and then we one shot both the Jadefire Masters and Grong. We took a couple swipes at Opulence before the night ended and plan to start with him next week.


I don’t think I got any of my usual xmog runs done this week but I did finish another Darkshore armor set [Kaldorei Archer’s Chainmail] the mail set this time.

Kaldorei Archer's Chainmail
Kaldorei Archer’s Chainmail

I was going to add a screenshot of my ATT percentage for the week but I forgot to take one last evening. The server is up now but ATT doesn’t seem to be working, so maybe next week. I guess todays Patch 8.1.5 broke it =(


I managed to sneak in a last minute SoB run last evening to complete the Proudemore questline for the [A Nation United] achieve. Just in time for Patch 8.1.5 to drop today allowing me to make a Kul Tiran human – or did I. It’s odd because the achieve never did actually pop up but both [Loremaster of Kul Tiras] and [The Pride of Kul Tiras] now show completed.

I ticked off another column for the [Family Battler] achieve last week (dragons) and this week I made quite a bit of headway towards both flying and undead.

This next patch is bringing a new Raiding with Leashes achievement and I’m super excited about it!

Achievement Points
Achievement Points


I just realized I didn’t add ANYthing to my collections this week. Not a single pet, toy, or mount – now how did that happen!

Pet Collection -
Pet Collection –


OK so if you pug then your accepting that you may run into some total asshats – agreed. But seriously can’t people just treat others how they wish to be treated? I always feel bad for my guildies when we have to pug and some D joins our group and start putting people down – or worse our guild as a whole.


  1. Finish the War Campaign on my ALTs, at least far enough to collect all the champions for missions.
  2. Finish the “Pride of Kul Tiras” questline to open the alliance sub race Kul Tiran humans.
  3. Reach exalted with Honorbound rep (currently 6/21K) for the horde sub race Mag’har Orcs.
  4. Reach exalted with Zandalar rep () for the horde sub race Zandalari Trolls.

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