My Week in World of Warcraft

My Week in World of Warcraft

So it was TW Cataclysm this last week and of course once again I let the week get away from without TW on anyone. I’m never gonna finish collecting those mounts this way!

And dang if I didn’t also miss Pirates Day!! I wanted to have a pirate trivia nite with the guild. /cries

It’s BREWFEST … yah, no. There’s nothing new this year that’s pretty disappointing if I say so myself.

Balance of Power

My Shaman finished her Balance of Power this week.

Currently my Shaman, Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Mage, and Druid have completed the Balance of Power quest line for the weapon appearance.

  • Monk: Needs to quest in Azuna.
  • DH: Needs Emerald Nightmare.
  • Paladin & DK: Need to quest in Suramar.
  • Rogue & Warrior: Needs mythics.


I’m still just a little short on having concordance on every character and every weapon.


These are the set I still need to complete: Heart of Fear, Siege of Orgimmar, and Tomb LFR sets. Hellfire Cutadel, Nighthold, and Tomb Normal sets. Heart of Fear, Throne of Thunder, Seige of Orgimmar, Nighthold, and Tomb Heroic/Mythic sets.

I’m currently showing 47/50 on the appearance tab but if you count them all (and I do) it’s really 58 PVE set’s and so far I have completed 41 of them.


I did a little more cleaning up on achievements that my main didn’t complete herself. And in doing so I learned I’ve got to go all the way back to doing Pandaria Tiller daily’s! Why?

Because I never got the young Nomi on my druid whose always been my main except during MoP in which case it was my Mage. So back to the grind of collecting Ironpaw Tokens so I can buy the [Cooking School Bell].

It looks like I’m going back to Stormwind for the daily cooking quest as well. At least that will be a short grind because I only need 4 recipes. LUCKY me, I got over there and had just enough Epicurean’s Awards to buy all four recipes I was missing.

I ended the week with 23,880 achievements points and the guild roster says 19,980 for Starrefyre.



I’m now the best of friends Akule Riverhorn, one of the new Fisher Friends found around Broken Isles. And to prove it he graciously gave me access to the [Trawler Totem] and [Floating Totem] toys.

After running the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon this week I added [Tricorne] to my collection.

I finally picked up the toy [Legion Invasion Simulator] as well as the [Legionfall Tabard] from Broken Shore vendor after realizing I had over 75K Nethershards on my hunter.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for all toons. DONE!!
  • Complete the class mount quest for my Warrior and DK.
  • Complete all the Legion profession quests/dungeons.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Farm Ursoc for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter. Farm TOV on my Warrior for that hidden appearance.
  • Finish the last four TWO Brawlers Guild ranks bosses for rank 8.
  • I STILL need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}

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