My Week in World of Warcraft: #4

WHAT DID I DO this week in World of Warcraft?

OK yep this post is a late but better late than never. So I didn’t do much this week really, there’s so much I want to be doing but I tend to start off doing chores and like RL chores aren’t fun. So after awhile I find myself just shutting down and losing that urge to even play at all. OR I find I need a little focus, like Barla got [Ashes of Alar] a few days back and that’s enough to continue fueling my need to run TK every week at least for awhile.


Our guild didn’t do any raiding this past week – just not enough people online. Actually I feel pretty bad about that as we we’re finally down to just needing Ghuun and I was 20 minutes late myself. I was really hoping he would go down now to beat the next raid release. Sadly BFA has just really seen a lot of people lose interest in the game.


I didn’t have much luck with xmog this week even though I did do a few of my normal weekly runs; ToT, SoO, and Ulduar. I DID get a few more pieces of the armor sets and a lovely staff [ Sentinals Branch ] from Darkshore though.


I’m not sure what achieves I got this past because WOW STILL won’t send any tweets out if they have images attached =(


I just realized I didn’t even run any Island Expeditions last week.. oops. But I did manage to add a few items to my collections anyway.

I made little progress on the Family Battler achieve this week.


  1. Buy the REST of the PVP rank 2/3 profession patterns – I need more Marks of Honor.
  2. Do more mythics, because I can’t make raid cauldrons w/o Hydrocore!
  3. Get more followers for my alts to 100% the treasure map mission.
  4. Finish the “Pride of Kul Tiras” quest because apparently it’s required to open Kul Tiran Humans but not SoB… go figure!

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