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My Week in World of Warcraft: #5

I really need to go back to my old format of writing these weekly post. I used to write my post throughout the week as task we’re being completed. Lately I haven’t been doing that so If I don’t immediately write and publish my report on Tuesday I get behind a day or two and by then I’ve started a whole new week and memory being what it is I quickly realize I have no idea what I did last week. That being said this weekly report will be quite short so here are just the … HIGHLIGHTS from my last week in WOW.


Even though I didn’t really get much play time, I did managed to complete a few achievements during the week.

The Pride of Kul Tiras
Frontline Veteran
Azeroth at War: Kalimdor on Fire


Ashes of Al'ar

YEP I got it, it’s only been like 12 YEARS of trying!!

I ran Ulduar 10x but I didn’t have any luck getting the mount there. However I did get the [Swift Albino Raptor] from Arathi Highlands. I only need one more mount from there (well two because I don’t the horde only mount either).

Swift Albino Raptor


My graphics card went out, like I noticed early in the week that the dual fans were making noises and stuttering (slowing/stopping) but by the end of the week one had stopped all together. So until I can cobble together enough cash I’m running a card so old WOW has a warning icon when I login!

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