My Week in World of Warcraft

It’s a new week in WoW and I don’t know about you but it’s been a slow one for me. I had a list all ready to start chipping away at Tuesday but when I logged in I was like, ugh I don’t even feel like playing! But I pushed through it and went and did both weekly pet battle dungeons – scratching them off my list for this week. Afterwards I just felt like I was drained and decided ok I really don’t want to play today. So my week just went downhill from there, actually I don’t think I played a full day all week.

Patch 7.3

IT’S PATCH DAY!!! There’s so much new stuff coming Patch 7.3 that truly it’s like a new MINI expansion – as if we didn’t have enough stuffs to do now!!

Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus – Everything You Need To Know | WoW Patch Guide


The only thing that even semi qualifies as raiding this week was a really bad Nighthold group. We managed to complete it but it took a full three hours and way more wipes than I’ve seen in NH in several months. Seriously just because your super geared or mythic raiders or whatever does not mean you can ignore mechanics!!! Like, if you have plague MOVE it’s not hard people!!


I’ve only needed the dang bracers for the [Sanctified Lasherweave Battlegear] set for quite some time now so I decided I was going to GET them even if that meant I had to take leather wearing character I have through Ruby Sanctum and/or ICC.

I GOT EM!!! It took four characters running Ruby Sanctum but they finally dropped!!

Old sets I’m still farming for include Hellfire Citadel {H}, Seige of Orgrimmar {LFR} & {M}, Throne of Thunder {LFR} & {H}, and Heart of Fear {LFR} & {H}.

I ran [M] SoO with Neall this last week for both alliance and horde. I got lucky picking up 3/4 pieces I needed, so now I’m just missing that belt.

Knowing I’ve been neglecting my xmog farming the last few weeks I queued up for [LFR] SoO & HoF  just before reset this morning but of course I got nothing I needed.


[Inspector Gadgetzan] has been a work on progress since Mist of Pandaria, wow that took forever to finish!!

Balance of Power

With NH done this week, my Warlock was able to finish her Balance of Power quest line. Check out that staff, OMG I love this one!!

So this is number five that’s completed this long quest chain. My Shaman is next and is already on the NH steps of the quest chain.

Currently my Warlock, Hunter, Priest, Mage, and Druid have completed the Balance of Power quest line for a new weapon appearance.

  • Monk: Needs to quest in Azuna.
  • DK & DH: Needs to do EoA & DHT mythics.
  • Pally: Needs EN.
  • Rogue & Warrior: Needs to quest in Suramar.

Brawlers Guild

After last weeks fiasco at the Brawlers Guild I decided to go back again right away. It was the right thing to do to because Burnstachio is down, YAH!! It didn’t even take that long, maybe 2-3 tries at most compared to the hour I spent on him last week.


On a roll, I didn’t stop there! I swiftly put down 14 more bosses between rank four & seven leaving only two bosses left to kill for rank  eight. Once that’s done I get to start all over but on the challenge bosses & the new achievements.


So WHY can’t I seem to get anything done in WoW lately. Is it burn out? I don’t so. And since I have so much still I’m working on it’s not a lack of content for sure. Actually I think maybe it’s the opposite and there is just TOO much to do!

Even though I was feeling tired Tuesday I didn’t want to just go back to bed so I dusted off my Sims 4. Last time I played I had reset the game so I had nothing I’ve downloaded installed. I spent more than an hour just trying to put my downloads back in the proper places. But while moving around some CC files I some how messed up my files associations and now Win10 won’t let me fix them! I’ve spent all weekend backing up files after System Restore failed. I’m thinking I may need to do a Win10 reset.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for all toons. DONE!!
  • Complete the class mount quest for my Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Complete all the Legion profession quests/dungeons.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Go for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter from Ursoc. Do TOV on my Warrior for the hidden appearance.
  • Finish the last four TWO Brawlers Guild ranks bosses for rank 8.
  • I STILL need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}


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