Gold Making Tips: Ulduar Nerfed

My Week in World of Warcraft: #9

I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted, well let me tell you, the FLU just isn’t fun. And at my age it isn’t so easy to get over it either. And once I start feeling better it seems like it gets harder and harder to fall back into a normal routine.

Recent Post Update

So if you read my Gold Making Tips: Ulduar post a few weeks ago about farming raw gold in Ulduar, well sad news everyone – it’s been NERFED!

A friend of mine was like “Should you really post about it? You know it’ll just get nerfed.” I was like, why not, it’s not like I have a huge following any ways. I think I may have mentioned in my post, that just that same day I had come across a you tube video with the exact same tips as what I had just written myself so whether I posted it or not the cat was out of the bag.

You’ll notice above they didn’t even bother to fix Elder Stonebark’s texture, which wasn’t broken prior to Patch 8.0, but yet THEY took the time to nerf this measly 3-4K gold for a weekly clear.


I haven’t particularly gone achievement hunting lately but none the less a few things have popped – like I finally finished Family Fighter from Legion.

I had only been needing Corrupted Blood of Argus since before BFA started. But the one time I noticed it was up, it expired before I could get out there.

And I finally finished the first (of many) categories for the BFA pet battle achievement Family Battler. Of course knowing myself, I’ll continue with Humanoids until I’ve checked off ALL of them.

I’m sure there we’re more but I’ll just post an overall screenshot below because I can’t remember.

I ended the week with 26,065 achievements points and 22,050 for my main, Starrefyre according to our guild roster.


I used to be into hardcore raiding but that was years ago. Somewhere around the time of ICC I lost the taste for it, honestly nowadays I just don’t have the dexterity or the stamina for it – and if I’m being super super honest – I don’t have the patience anymore either.

Yet every week I trudge along with my group of casual guildies for what we call our guild progression raiding – not because I want to but because I love these people – and they want to. Many have been with our guild since (or near since) the beginning and to me that means something. I will admit our raids frustrate me. Sometimes I get super annoyed, OK so many times I get super annoyed haha. I’m terrible at healing and only very slightly better at tanking and neither are my best spec but I do what we need done – if I can.

It took us two weeks, I think, past the opening of Battle of Dazar’alor to finish normal Uldir. But that’s not a complaint either, we’re a super casual group so considering our guilds raid history we’re happy to have finished the raid. Ghuun (last boss in Uldir) was awful for us we spent several weeks on that fight before we got him down.

And so far Battle of Dazar’alor hasn’t been much better. So after two weeks of failing to down “The Council of Light” (first boss) as raid leader I decided to pug some extra people for our guild run this past week. I was only looking for an extra healer but I ended up picking up a healer and an extra dps. I think we had ten or maybe eleven guildies and those two pugs — not only did we finally down “Council of Light” we also took out “Jadefire Masters” and “Grong” YAH!!


I saw a video awhile back from AnnieFuchsia about having Collected 97% of All The Things in WoW. She talks about her settings and filters which made me wonder how I compared. OK so using her settings, I’m at 82% not to bad I think — I’ll work on it!!

All The Things 82%

One of my latest completed sets is the Darkwood Sentinel’s Guise gotten from completing the Darkshore warfront & killing Darkshore rares. I don’t really care for this one, actually the only one of these Darkwood set’s I do like is the cloth set.

Darkwood Sentinel's Guise

And the other recently completed set is the Vestments of the Eternal Blossom, which was once completed BUT for some reason Blizzard added a boe belt to the set at the beginning of BFA. Why???

Vestments of the Eternal Blossom


I’m currently showing 55/57 on the appearance tab but if you count all the extra difficulties (and I do) I’ve collected 52/69 PVE set’s and 33/38 PVP set’s.


I know I’ve picked up a few more mounts recently but the one’s that stick out the most in my memory are [Ashes of Al’ar] and [The Swift Albino Raptor] because their so purty.

The Swift Albino Raptor

I had hoped to start collecting the eleven mounts apparently available from Island Expeditions but I just have not found time to do Islands in a couple months now. I DID run the “Love is in the Air” event dungeon more than 300 times this last two weeks but once again no Love Rocket for me. At last look my mount collection is 385/400 – super close to the next meta achieve.

Are you collecting the new hearthstone toys?

My toy collection is still growing, it’s currently 435/544 with my newest editions being the [ Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone ],
[Party Totem], and [Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone].

Are you saving or spending your new pet charms?

I’m still working towards collecting 1000 unique pets [ Master of Minions ] which rewards the pet [ Hearthy ] currently I’m at 995 unique pets collected. I guess I need to break down and go spend the 2000 new pet charms I’ve been hoarding huh.


  1. I still need more Marks of Honor, to buy more PVP rank 2/3 profession patterns.
  2. I still need to finish the war campaign on my alts for more followers in order to 100% the treasure map mission.
  3. I’ve been putting it off for awhile now so I NEED to run SoB and finish the “Pride of Kul Tiras” quest line.

What was the HIGHLIGHT of your week? Comment below and let me know. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook.

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