On To Instant Noodles

You may or may not have noticed all the new linkage “love” down the left side column. WoWInsider recently did a post about sharing your favorite Warcraft blogs and readers did not disappoint! I saved all the links just so I could slowly but surely visit them all.

I’m making a little more head-way on upgrading my battles pets for better quality. I upgraded my Andodized Robo Cub and Flayer Youngling to rare when I got TWO more battle stones in my battle tamer rewards today, yay! While out leveling battle pets and upgrading the lower quality pets I also replaced my Szechuan Chicken, Nether Roach, Zooey Snake, Plains Monitor, and Lave Beetle all with rares.

Szechuan Chicken

Maybe submitting a bug report helped, maybe it didn’t but today my Cooking Assistant Nomi suddenly had two quest; Lesson One: Peaches and Lesson Two: Instant Noodles .. yah some progress finally!!


Check this out, I was on my way for an OS3 guild run (helping guildies get the drakes) and I don’t know why this happened but my screenshot came out with these mysterious color prisms, looks cool anyway.


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