Outland Tamer Way Points

After you complete the initial Battle Pet Masters quest, objectives that handy arrows no longer show up on your minimap so if your like me and want a visual aid in order to find the tamers you may want to use the Tom Tom add on – following are the way points for the Taming Outland.

Remember pet battle dailies only unlock once you have defeated all the Battle Masters each continent, not by defeating one Master. You need to plow through Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimador, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria to unlock all the dailies.

Only the grand master dailies provide bags that have a chance of Porcupette pet. However, all tamers provide about four times more XP than a random pet battle and since their class compositions are always fixed, you can swap out different pets each time to counter each tamer. Thus it becomes very easy to powerlevel lower level pets by using your low level pet to attack once then switch out to your high level pet to finish out the fight – xp is divided up among that battles active pets therefore a level 1 and a level 25 ends with the level 1 getting all the xp.

/way Hellfire Peninsula 64.2 49.2 L20 Nicki Tinytech (mechanical)
/way Zangarmash 17.2 50.4 L21 Ras’an (magic/flying/humanoid)
/way Nagrand 61, 49.4 L22 Narrok (beast/critter/aquatic)
/way Shattrath City 58.8 70.1 L23 Morulu The Elder (aquatic)

/way Shadowmoon Valley 30.5 41.8 L24 Bloodknight Antari (magic/elemental/dragonkin)

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