Flipping Cooking Recipes for Profit

5 Best Cooking Recipes for Earning Auction House Gold in WoW – Updated August 2012

Since Wrath Of The Lich King expansion came out, cooking recipes have become a popular pipeline for gold making on World of Warcraft.

Although cooking recipes have always been a good gold maker with cross-faction trading, they are even more profitable now because a lot of players want to get the recipes for achievements. And since some of the recipes are hard to find, players tend to buy the recipes from the auction house instead of going looking for them.

To make the most gold out of your cooking recipes, you need to set up what Jonathan Kenins calls a “pipeline” for gold-making, which he talks about a lot in his top-rated video gold guide – The Massive Gold Blueprint.

How do you set up a profitable pipeline? The best way is to buy cheap recipes from vendors on the alliance side, and sell them to players on the horde side for a huge gold profit. Or vice versa … buy your recipes cheap from horde vendors, and sell for massive gold in the alliance auction house. Start with alliance only or horde only recipes for the most profit.

You can start with alliance only cooking recipes. Start in Stormwind, go to the inn in Old Town, upstairs is the master of cooking recipes, Kendor Kabonka. Buy:  Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Gooey Spider Cake, Westfall Stew, Crocolisk Gumbo, Blood Sausage, Redridge Goulash, Goretusk Liver Pie, Seasoned Wolf Kabob, and Murloc Fin Soup.

If you’re playing the horde side, look for horde only cooking recipes.Unlike alliance these recipes are scattered so you will be traveling.

First stop is Grimtak <Butcher> he can be found in Razor Hill Durotar. Buy: Scorpid Surprise

Fly to Crossroads find Tari’qa <Trade Supplies> across from the flight master and at the side of the inn. Buy: Strider Stew & Crispy Lizard Tail. Now find Zargh <Butcher> northeast of the inn. Buy: Hot Lion Chops

Fly to Brackenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh and find Ogg’marr <Butcher> (find him quickly by typing /tar Ogg into your chat) . Buy: Heavy Crocolisk Stew

Fly to Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore. Find Wunna Darkmane <Trade Goods> inside the largest tent in town, just slightly northwest of the Inn. She’ll be on your right side when you enter the door. Buy: Roasted Kodo Meat

Hearth or Fly to Orgrimmar, then take the Blimp to Undercity.

Jump on your flying mount and head over to Abigail Shiel <Trade Supplies> in Brill, Tirisfal Glades. She is now located inside the Inn, to the right when you enter. Buy: Crispy Bat Wing

Fly to Falconwing Square outside Silvermoon City. Landraelanis <Tradesman> can be found in the Falconwing Square Inn on the second floor. He is on the opposite side of the room of the cooking profession trainer. Buy: Lynx Steak

Fly to Tranquillien where you will find Master Chef Mouldier <Cooking Trainer & Supplies> standing just outside the Tranquillien inn, to the left. Buy: Bat Bites

The cooking recipes I mentioned are sold by vendors from the alliance side or the horde side, you can buy these recipes for a very low price. For example, the Cripsy Bat Wing which you buy from the vendor at 25c each, and then trade it cross-faction and sell it on the alliance side for 50g each. Just a couple more examples are Blood Sausage, Heavy Crocolisk Steak, and Succulent Pork Ribs which you can buy from vendors at a couple of silvers each, and then turn right around and sell them for 20g or more.

The way to earn a lot of gold with these recipes is by doing cross-faction trading. This method of cross-faction trading is something you will normally see in the Massive Gold Blueprint system. All you have to do is buy from one side, the horde side for example, and sell it on the alliance side. In order to do this, you will need to get two accounts, or a trading partner, because the auction house won’t let players trade between characters on the same account.

Start cross-faction trading by checking both the horde side and alliance side auction houses. Check if the items you want to sell are in the AH already, if they’re not, then all the better for you. You can set up your own pipeline and make a lot of gold because you know you won’t have any competition!

However, if you see the recipes that you have your eye on, up for sale in the auction house, check the prices and decide if it will be worth the time and effort to buy and sell this particular item. If a large profit is possible (20 gold or more) then go shopping with a bunch of empty bags and buy as much of each recipe as you can carry.

Create your auctions, and you’re set! You’re on your way to making huge amounts of gold!

Bloodsail Buccaneers Arrrh!

Is a pirate’s life really for you? Then ship out with us, me hearty, and get ready for a bold life as a Bloodsail! The Bloodsail Buccaneers are a pirate faction, currently encamped along the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale, and commanded from the flagship Crimson Veil, anchored off the Wild Coast with the Riptide and the Damsel’s Luck. They are the sworn enemies of the Blackwater Raiders, the pirates aligned with the goblins of Booty Bay. You can prove yourself a friend to the Bloodsail and even rise to the post of Bloodsail Admiral. Throwing in your lot with this band of brigands will certainly bring you some fame – this is the rarest faction sought out for reputation.

The fastest way to increase you reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers is to kill Booty Bay Bruisers. At first it may seem a simple task as the guards don’t appear as threatening as the other monsters a player faces within the game. However, the guards are highly equipped to neutralize players of any class, to prevent people from attacking each other while in the town. What gives the Booty Bay Bruiser the advantage is several factors, one of them being their ability to use nets to lock you in place, preventing you from escaping. Another is the fact that they spawn every time you attack a citizen of the city or if you’re under Unfriendly status with Booty Bay the Bruisers can spawn if you enter a building, because of this players can soon find them selves swarmed by Bruisers.

The Bruisers have a ranged knockback attack that can be quite difficult to deal with but currently they will not use this on a player unless they can’t reach them due to being on a roof or a different level of the town. They will not use it if simply rooted in place by a spell. They also use it on players that PvP in Booty Bay while at neutral or lower reputation. It is not a huge concern for normal reputation farming but one has to be careful not to aggro a Bruiser that is on a higher or lower platform as sometimes they will start shooting instead of running up to melee range. One safe place to kill Bruisers where this won’t happen is if you follow the tunnel leading into the town and turn left onto the path that leads to the Blacksmith house. Only two guards patrol this path and normally don’t pass each other that closely, allowing both to be dispatched separately.

Once they are gone, one can simply enter the first building on the path to cause a guard to spawn if they are below Unfriendly, if not they can simply attack one of the two NPC in the build, both of which are not high in level. Doing this a player should be able to kill 2 to 4 Bruisers before the two patrolling Bruisers respawn. On average a player doing this can kill about 30 to 40 Booty Bay Bruisers gaining about 800 reputation points with the pirates. If you find your self in a bad situation, you can jump over the railing running along the path to the waters below and escape. * Note: Not all houses/buildings are as friendly. Upon entering certain houses, will cause you to be swarmed with Booty Bay Bruisers, while other houses won’t make any of the guards spawn.

If you wish to find another place to kill the guards you will have to pay a few gold on repairs before finding a suitable one. * It should be noted that Rogues can pick pocket these mobs for some silver, albeit a small amount. Below is a picture of the path detailed above, it’s best to sit where the path bends before the first build when you’re resting, so you can have as much distance as possible when the two guards respawn. Note: It’s even easier if you are able to pull the Bruisers. You can pull them, then jump onto the roof that is pictured below. As long as you pull them from far enough away, you should have plenty of time to run to the roof before they net you in place. It’s also a great place to eat/drink and not aggro any Bruisers that spawn.

Reputation from Kills

Monster Name Level Rep XP Faction Point Limit Zone Subzone/City
Blackwater Deckhand 38.39 1 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
Captain Steelgut 39 5 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
Professor Phizzlethorpe 38 1 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
Deckhand Moishe 37 1 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
First Mate Nilzlix 39 5 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
Doctor Draxlegauge 38 1 Honored 6000/12000 Arathi Highlands Faldir’s Cove
Deeg 34 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
Dizzy One-Eye 41 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
Fin Fizracket 42 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
First Mate Crazz 44 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
Catelyn the Blade 50 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay Inn
Fleet Master Seahorn 60 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
Booty Bay Bruiser 54.57 25 unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay
Whiskey Slim 38 . unknown Stranglethorn Vale Booty Bay

Booty Bay Bay Bruisers and Booty Bay Elites stop giving reputation at 11999 Honored. Jazzrik continues to give +5 (5.5 for Humans) Bloodsail rep and -25 Booty Bay rep (and -12.5 to other Cartel factions) after reaching revered. He is on a 5-10 min respawn timer. Stops giving rep at 20999, requiring 4200 (3819 for humans) kills to reach max revered.


There aren’t many quests which directly yield Bloodsail reputation. In fact, there are only a couple of Bloodsail faction quests – but these are the whole reason you’re doing this. The reward for gaining a Friendly reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers is the quest, “Avast Ye, Scallywag” and “Avast Ye, Admiral!”, which if completed will give you a rare small pet, the Admiral’s Hat with Blood Parrot. As of patch 3.0.2, a new NPC, High Admiral “Shelly” Jorrik was added who was confirmed by Noonee now on the realm Stormrage to continue to grant 5 reputation per kill even through exalted. He is accompanied by two booty bay bruisers, out on Newman’s Landing. He has a long respawn timer, and isn’t a useful substitute for Jazzrik in getting through revered reputation.

Practical Notes

  • At Unfriendly, the Bloodsail NPCs will no longer attack you on sight, giving you easy access to the Wild Coast and other areas they patrol. This is especially useful for gaining access to Cowardly Crosby, a vendor in the southeastern Bloodsail camp who sells the pattern for an Admiral’s Hat (240 Tailoring); Crosby’s neutral, but surrounded by many Bloodsail mobs. On PvP servers, this also provides some unique opportunities for taking out PCs from the other team who seek to assault your Bloodsail brethren.
  • At Neutral, Fleet Master Firallon will give you the quest “[55] Dressing the Part”. Buccaneer’s Uniform Contains: Bloodsail ShirtBloodsail SashBloodsail BootsBloodsail Pants
  • At Friendly, Fleet Master Firallon will give you the quest “[60] Avast Ye, Admiral”. You can also freely loot the chests aboard the Bloodsail ships and in the camps (stealing from your fellow pirates?!?). Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat
  • There are no bonuses for Honored standing, as the Bloodsail have no vendors (Crosby is actually not Bloodsail faction).

Power Grinding Skyguard Reputation

This guide will follow the process I am doing at the moment to power through skyguard rep, with minimal usage of dailies and time. This guide can be followed by any class, but favors those with solid aoe abilities and a 280 or 310% flying mount. As the guide progresses, I will note and explain several rules to following it. I will recap them at the end. Below is a map of all the major points you will need.

Pre-Quests and Starting the Grind

Rule 1: Keep your inventory as clean as possible. You will be getting lots of cloth, greens, greys, and quest items which you will probably want to sell. Destroy food/water, non-equip greys, and light feathers for most effective spaceusage. 1. Start at the blue dot (Skyguard camp) and accept the quest World of Shadows.

2. Leave the camp and kill Arrakoa (the humanoids, ignore the birds, trees, water elementals, etc.) to get 6 Shadow Dust. Return to the camp and complete the quest. This will award you 250 rep.

3. Apply the Elixir of shadows you just got and accept Secrets of the Talonpriests and follow the map, killing the 3 Talonpriests. Talonpriest Ishaal will drop a quest item that starts Ishaal’s Almanac.

Rule 2: Keep moving! To maximize your efforts, you need to clear as many areas as you can while you have your elixir. While your elixir is down, you can go to town to sell or mail items.

4. Your elixir has a 20 minute duration, and we want to use that as effectively as possible. Mount up and fly to the nearest farm point, aggro all the nearby mobs, and aoe them down. In general, the best spots are the treetop platforms which can hold from 3-6 undead arrakoa and 0-2 normal ones. Monster kills will award you 10 rep each.

Rule 3: Pull selectively, but loot indiscriminately. The treetop platforms have both living and unliving arrakoa. You want to focus your farming on the unliving ones, but you will need Shadow Dusts (drop from living) to make more elixirs. Pull entire treetop platforms, including living mobs and loot them all.

Rule 4: DONT DIE! Pretty obvious for any activity in WoW, but do not die to mobs or other players. Generally this should not be a problem, since Skettis has very few visitors, but this will cause your elixir to fall off and force you to buy a new one.

5. Farm the unliving Arrakoa for Time-Lost Scrolls until your elixir wears off. I usually have around 50. You should aim for minimum 40.

6. There are several things we need to do here.

a) Return to the camp and hand in Secrets of the Talonpriests and Ishaal’s Almanac. These will give 250 and 75 rep respectively. Accept the quest An Ally in Lower City.

b) Trade in all of your Shadow Dust for elixirs. 6 Shadow Dusts will award you 1 Elixir and 150 rep.

7. Fly to Shattrath and talk to Rilak the Redeemed in Lower City. He is in the North East corner of the city. This will start the quest Countdown to Doom and award you 75 rep.

8. Return to the Skyguard camp and turn in Countdown to doom and accept Hazzik’s Bargain. This will award you 75 rep.

9. Go inside the hut in East Skettis and open the box for Hazzik’s Package. Return to camp and turn it in for 75 rep.

10. Accept A
Shabby Dis*****
and talk to the friendly Arrakoa in the hut to buy Adversial Bloodlines. Return to camp and turn it in for 150 rep.Rule 5: The Skull Piles are used to summon minibosses and Terokk. They each have a respawn timer, with Terokk’s being far longer. If there are none available, sell your junk, mail valuables, and come back.

11. Accept the quest Adversarial Blood and travel to one of the miniboss spawns. Summon a miniboss (costs 10 Time-Lost Scrolls) and kill him, looting a vendor item and a green. Save the greens, we will use them to summon Terokk. See the end of the guide for a quick explanation of the Bosses.

12. Repeat step 10, summoning a different boss each time. We will need one of those green items from each of the 4 bosses. If you have extra scrolls, continue summoning minibosses until you have less than 10. Each one of these minibosses will award you with 100 rep.

13. Return to the camp and turn in Adversial Bloodlines. You will be awarded with 350 rep and a Time-Lost Offering. Accept Terokk’s Downfall

14. Fly to the Terokk spawn and use the skull pile to summon him. Killing him awards 500 rep, and something from his loot table, sometimes BoE, BoP, rare or epic. Return to the camp and hand in Terokk’s Downfall for a blue vendor item and 1000 rep.

Congratulations! You have finished the extensive part of this guide.

From here, you should have some leftover elixirs. Arakkoa will continue to award 10 rep through to exalted. Farm the unliving Arakkoa for more Time-Lost Scrolls and living arakkoa for Shadow Dusts (150 rep per 6). Once your Elixir wears out, spend your Scrolls on miniboss summons, which will still award 100 rep each. Hand in your Miniboss items to collect more Time-Lost Offerings which will award350 rep per group of 4 items. Kill Terokk. He will continue to award a random drop and 500 rep per kill.

Minibosses and Terokk

Gezzarak the Huntress – Warpstalker boss. Has average damage, a knock back ability, and can teleport behind you. Only important skill is the reduction of your armor to 0. Simply go all out and stomp him.Darkscreecher Akkarai – Frost caster boss. At 80, you should resist most of his frostbolts. Occasionally summons several birds to attack you. Close your eyes and button mash to kill this lulzy boss.

Karrog – The only one of the minibosses that you should approach with caution. Average hits, but uses a fixate ability to focus one target. Fixate slows him, but increases his damage by a large amount. Kite this boss through his fixate if you have low armor, otherwise get ready for 4.5k hits.

Vakkiz the Windrager – Windserpent boss. Uses lightning attacks which are easily resistable at 80. Easy, but not as easy as Akkarai.

Terokk – Note: I have only done this as a warlock. I encourage suggestions and will edit them in if members confirm your strategy. Terokk will occasionally Shadowbolt Volley, which is easily resistable at 80. As well, he will cleave
melee targets. Terokk occasionally applies several buffs to nearby enemies, which either negate threat gain or increase threat gain and damage by 100%.

Terokk has a slow run speed, making him kitable if neccessary. As Terokk’s health drops, he will cast Divine Shield, making him Immune to everything. Divine Shield has a long (infinite?) duration. After Terokk shields, several NPCs will
use /yell emotes followed by puffs of blue smoke appearing in his summoning circle. To remove his shield, kite him to this smoke, which will turn into a patch of blue fire. After his shield is broken, his attack speed increases by 50% and his attack damage increases by 100% but he is vunerable to attack. He will shortly reapply his Divine Shield, which needs to be broken again and repeated if necessary.

Terokk Warlock Strategy – Spec: Demonic Pact 0/56/15

Pet: Voidwalker
Consumables: Grand Spellstone

Simply avoid dpsing until your Voidwalker has around 100k threat. Use Demonic Empowerment as neccessary to increase your pet’s threat gain and health funnel to keeep your pet alive. at 100k threat, DPS hard until Terokk is around 25% then soulshatter. If he casts Divine Shield before you shatter, he will become immune and you will likely become his target. While immune, heal your pet until you see blue smoke. Set your pet to follow and pull him to the smoke, break the Divine Shield, and dps him down.

Rep Breakdown

Quests (including the first 4 minibosses and terokk kill) – 3200 rep

Trash Mobs – 10 rep

Shadow Dust x6 turnin – 150 rep

Time-Lost Offering turnin – 350 rep
Miniboss – 100 rep 4 miniboss
turnins – 350 rep Terokk – 500 rep 1 full circuit (15m duration
of 1 elixir. Assumes 4 miniboss and does 100% drop rate of Scrolls) – 1550 rep

Rules1. Keep your inventory clean. Leave space before starting the grind and delete/sell the crap that you cannot use/sell.

2. Keep Moving! The Elixirs only last for 15 minutes so kill as much as you can.

3. Pull selectively, Loot everything. Pull groups that have mostly unliving Arakkoa. You need to kill living ones too, but not nearly as many.

4. Don’t Die! Elixirs do not persist through death.

5. The Skull piles for summoning have a respawn timer. If they are not spawned (generally miniboss spawns should be fine), spend a few minutes to sell your junk and mail goodies to an alt.

Seraphant @ MMOwned

Explore Borean Tundra

Explore Borean Tundra, revealing the covered areas of the world map. Below are the way points for the AddOn Tom Tom – If you prefer to not use an AddOn you can still use the same coords listed to find the following areas of the world map.

/way 85.42 25.24 Temple City of En’kilah
/way 49.15 25.16 Steeljaw’s Caravan
/way 46.05 78.79 Riplash Strand
/way 65.8 46.87 Kaskala
/way 31.92 52.74 Garrosh’s Landing
/way 82.37 46.69 Death’s Stand
/way 32.66 28.26 Coldarra
/way 49.7 10.10 Bor’gorok Outpost
/way 45.26 34.25 Amber Ledge
/way 41.42 53.62 Warsong Hold
/way 58.78 68.55 Valiance Keep
/way 67.08 32.19 The Geyser Fields
/way 75.58 17.05 The Dens of the Dying

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