Pearlfin Village Highlights

Of all the quest in The Jade Forest those at Pearlfin Village stand out the most as memorable and dare I say fun — these are some of my high points here.

Witnessing the Waterspeaking Ceremony, a cut scene, this one touting the allegiance of the alliance to aide the Pearlfins in their war against the hozen.




I find these mini markers interesting, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to them the first go around nor the lore scrolls so this time I’m trying to read them.

I remember the first time I spotted him, rushing over to Bubblemaker Ashji only to be disappointed to find he’s not a pet vendor.


Of course it doesn’t take long to run into Rell Nightwind and his crew (again) they we’re quick to fill me in on their most recent adventures through interactive story telling. The winner here being Sully “The Pickle” McLeary who takes you on a FUN tramp through the forest.


Seriously though, who would want a nickname like “The Pickle”? Of course I had to name my Bandicoon in honor of Socks the racoon.


Little Lu’s story introduces the Jade Witch of The Jade Forest, literally haha. Much like an old console video game Amber Kearnen’s story has you defending Sully by taking high-powered rifle shots at the locals (hozen) and surprise surprise the Horde. This quest is actually fun once you realize the game is marking your targets for you.


Easy to miss, the adventuring supply vendor Silkweaver Rui (west side of the village or 58-84) offers ilvl 374 gear at reasonable prices. Hopefully everyone isn’t as unobservant as I am since this is my fourth time through and I’ve only just now found him — but if you are no worries there’s another vendor in Dawn’s Blossom. My Hunter picked up the Faded Forest Chain set along with a few other various upgrades. Of course the set didn’t last long as I happened upon the rare Sarnak and just couldn’t resist netting myself ilvl 400 Grookin’ Grookin’ Trousers. Rares + Hunter = Finally maybe finishing the achievement [Glorious].


Well goodbye Pearlfin Village ..

4 thoughts on “Pearlfin Village Highlights”

    1. I’m almost to the point of starting Pandaria on my horde priest. I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve read on several blogs about how small things and certain quest run totally different. Actually it really wouldn’t hurt me to run a level through horde quest because there’s way more I’ve never done than what I have done.

    1. Yep I was quite surprised when I found him this time around. I was hoping the gear was different from the set in Dawn’s Blossom but it’s the same.

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