Leveling Enchanting is very expensive, but it pays off layer because it’s also one of the best gold making professions in the game. Disenchanting items bring in a lot of gold through materials, which sell for top dollar on the auction house. The reason thee lower level materials sell so well is because of players, like you, are leveling enchanting.And at high levels your mats can be made into scrolls which will sell at much higher profits because of the demand for raid enchants.

As with all professions, some items are cheaper to make than others when you’re leveling enchanting. Beside gold, you’ll also need a lot of time because you’ll find enchanting leveling is very time consuming. In addition to all the enchanting recipes mentioned in this guide be sure to disenchant your unwanted drop items & quest rewards so you can get do your enchanting leveling even faster.

enchantingSuggested Add-Ons:

Panda a simple mod designed (initially) to speed up mass-disenchanting, this functionality was expanded to include prospecting and milling.

Ackis Recipe List, scans your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain missing recipes, patterns, enchants, plans, and schematics.

Enchanting Leveling Guide 525-600

Enchanting Leveling Guide 1-525

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