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Goodbye My Sweet Howl Bomb

PVP Pet Battle

Lot’s of changes coming to pet battles. I haven’t had time myself but I believe the changes can be tested right now on the beta or PTR. Personally I’m really interested in how we’ll be handling these changes especially for to the Pandaren Water Spirit. Whirlpool and Geyser will now share the same ability slot. SO no more Howl Bomb /cries.

You can read the up coming on the changes yourself in the blue post on the official World of Warcraft forums “Legion Pet Battle Tuning “.

What are you going to miss the most?

I’m super bummed about the changes to Graves as well. I only recently managed to get my Graves pet, free once you hit level 20 playing Heroes of the Storm. I had been told he was awesome in PVP pet battles which I had not had much luck winning at all!! So if like me, your still working on your PVP pet battle achievements I suggest taking advantage of Graves while you can! I’ve found I win 2 outta 3 battles using the following strategy.

PVP Team:
Fiendish Imp: Burn then Nether Gate.
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling: Thunderbolt then Decoy.
Graves: Grave Destruction, Bonestorm, IF the current opponents pets is low health use Scull Toss till it dies. Rinse & Repeat.

FYI: Doing PVP pet battles currently counts towards the Draenor pet battle monument achievement too!

What PVP team have you found successful quite often?

One more thing, the Pet Charms awarded from completing the Draenor pet battle dailies are being reduced to roughly HALF of what’s being awarded now.


#Legion Alpha – Dalaran

Yah I finally got an invite to Alpha! I haven’t had much time to play yet so today I thought I’d play a druid and see how far I can get.

I found myself starting in Dalaran and having already noticed a few changes I snapped some screenshots to share. Below you notice a new building sits squat in the middle of the city now.

#Legion Dalaran

I’m not sure where the heroes statue (from the fall of the Lich King) is now but it’s no longer proudly standing in middle of Dalaran. As you can see below this lovely unoccupied (at least for now anyway) room is now the center of Dalaran and just as before it still has an entrance (or exit) on all four sides.

#Legion Dalaran

I have not had the pleasure of being ported into Dalaran as of yet so I’m not even sure where we land now but I’m assuming the bright circular base there in the floor will be some sort of portal eventually.

#Legion Dalaran

With xMog 2.0 on the horizon I thought maybe Elizabeth Ross would have a larger Tabard collection to peruse but no such luck.

You can find The Great Akazamzarak showing off his pitiful magic skills just below the statue of Rhonin.

#Legion Dalaran

Before I head to Moonglade to answer Hamuul’s summons I stopped by to gather my professions, skinning and then leather working from Namha. Immediately I was able to learn a handful of LW patterns (nothing special) followed by a quest Skin Deep. This quest leads to  the new zone, The Broken Isles, where I would need to kill exotic creatures for their interesting hides and scales. By completing this quest my LW will be able to go upto 800 in skill level.

For the pet battle lovers out there I did stop by The Magical Menagerie and had a chat with the shop keepers. I found a few new pets available here. Breanni offered a Nursery Spider for 200g.  Draemus has a Plump Jelly for 50 pet charms, Fel Piglet for 200 pet charms, Nightwatch Swooper for 100 pet charms, and a Deluxe Mystery Bag for 200 pet charms. Mr. Burns is standing by and will give you all the pet charms you need for free! He also has battle stones available for no more than 1g each. AWEsome!

Of course after finding such sweet new pets I had to make another stop, the toy store The Wonderworks. I didn’t find near as many new items for sale here actually I only noticed two, the Dalaran Disc (100g) and Soft Foam Sword (50g).

After not having any luck finding a pet battle trainer in Dalaran I decided I wanted to get a look at the new pet battle tournament floating along side Dalaran.  Not finding any obvious exits I quickly jumped down to the outside edge and started traveling around the ledge.

#Legion Dalaran

#Legion Dalaran

#Legion Dalaran

#Legion Dalaran

Well I made the circuit and did not find the new pet tournament at all. I guess it’s not open to the public as of it, bummer.

Ok I’m off to Moonglade ….

New Battle Pets and Toys in Warlords of Draenor | Patch 6.2 PTR

Fel Pup

There are a number of new pets coming in patch 6.2. This list is a work-in-progress. I expect to add more new pets as more information becomes available.

Darkmoon Fair Pets

Darkmoon Faire host some new fish to be caught from the surrounding waters which can be traded in to a new NPC, Galissa Sundew.


Legendary Pet Battles & Rewards

Something to look forward to is new round of legendary pet battle encounters to be found around Tanaan Jungle. Currently there are 15 legendary pets to be found:  Defiled Earth, Skrillix, Netherfist, Dreadwalker, Vile Blood of Draenor, Bleakclaw, Dark Gazer, Mirecroak, Direflame, Tainted Maulclaw, Felfly, Cursed Spirit, Chaos Pup, Corrupted Thundertail, Felsworn Sentry.

These new legendary pet battles reward  Fel-Touched Pet Supplies. Each bag rewards a Pet Charm or two as well as the usual bandages, a new Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone (which raises the level of any pet from any family by 1.) and a chance to receive one of the following rare pets:

[Photo Source]


If you enjoy the fel-look then look out because in Patch 6.2 you’ll be able to apply it to your battle pets! Another new toy is  The Perfect Blossom found underneath a large tree in southern Tanaan Jungle. Clicking on it gives you several  Fel Petal which give your pets a fel-tint! [Video]

Quest Pets

Tanaan Jungle features one of two new reskins of the Frostwolf Pup model. The Fel Pup is an acid green version and can be obtained via a questline.

Raid Pets

There is an additional new pet Corrupted Nest Guardian which is a drop from Shadow-Lord Iskar in Hellfire Citadel.


Unknown Pets

The Left Shark and Crusher have been datamined over @wowhead but it’s not known where or how to collect them. (Source)

The Fire Pup has also been datamined but again it’s not known where or how to collect it.

Vendor Pets

nethaeras lightNethaera’s Light (found in a previous build but never released) can be obtained in Dalaran. When you find it emote /cheer a few times and you’ll find it has been added to your pet journal.

[tweetherder]I suggest you may want to start saving your pet charms now because …[/tweetherder] come Patch 6.2 if your garrison is level 3 you will find a new vendor hanging out around your menagerie, Giada Goldenleash or Tiffy Trapspring. They offer 4 new battle pets and 3 new pet-related toys for trade. These new pets and toys will cost you 50 to 500 pet charms each.



  • Magic Pet Mirror, allows you to take on the appearance of any pet that can battle. Sadly as soon as you cast or attack something, the illusion is lost. (500)
  • Spirit Wand, turns your pet into a transparent ghostly pet. (100)
  • Indestructible Bone, which allows you to throw a bone to your Perky Pug to carry around in its mouth. (50)

Wild Pets

[tweetherder]Tanaan Jungle’s host a few new pets just waiting to be captured.[/tweetherder]

[Photo Source]

New Pet Achievements & Rewards

Pet Battles – A new achieve for defeating all the new legendary battle pets found in Tanaan Jungle is called Tiny Terrors in Tanaan currently there is not a reward shown on the Patch 6.2 PTR but that may change before going live.

heroes wow pet

Heroes of the Storm – MMO-Champion has datamined a new achievement related to a Heroes of the Storm promotion rewarding the Graves pet in World of Warcraft. No details as of yet to exactly when the promotion will start however it was recently announced that HotS officially releases on June 2nd.

Darkmoon Fair – You will need to score 45 points in one session of Whack-A-Gnoll for the achievement “That’s Whack!” which will add (previously datamined but not released) the pet Hogs into your pet journal.

Which new pets are you most looking forward to adding to your collection? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

How to Easily Organize your Battle Pets

Rematch is a pet journal alternative to help manage battle pet teams and pets. Its primary purpose is to store and recall battle pet teams for targets. For instance:

– When you target Aki the Chosen, bring up the Rematch window and hit Save, you can save in her name the pets you have out.
– When you return to Aki another day, you can target her, bring up the window and it will offer you those saved pets to load.


Besides saving your teams WHY would you want Rematch?

  • Rematch has the ability to queue leveling battle pets. When a pet reaches 25 Rematch automatically switches to the next pet in queue.
  • In addition to filtering pets by type, you can filter by ‘Strong vs’: if you filter Strong vs Dragonkin, it will list all pets with Magic attacks. You can also filter to pets that are Tough vs a type of attack: filtering Tough vs Elemental will list all critters.
  • If you already use the addon Battle Pet Teams, you can import your teams into Rematch. AND you can share your teams with other Rematch Users!
  • Rematch has taken features from some of the best pet battle addons and combined them! And new features are still being introduced.
  • Rematch offers features such as multiple search functions: you can search the names of abilities or text within abilities. You can search level and stat ranges.
  • A counter at the bottom of the browser tells you how many pets are listed: search level=25 and you’ll see how many level 25 pets you own.

Don’t have any teams yet? Let me make some suggestions: