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Alt Appreciation Week: Deathknights #DeathKnightWeek

Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has challenged bloggers with eleven weeks of Alt Appreciation! As a true altoholic I’ve started many a Deathknight but never have I managed to level one on my own past level 70.

The first DK I had was an undead named Skittles he was maxed but I haven’t played him in years because I quit playing that account a few years ago. I made another undead DK in his honor but deleted him a few months back because he’d been sitting in Hellfire for years now. I have a female NE DK named Biplicity who’s only level 64. But since transferring most of my toons to Llane about three years ago I haven’t played her once.


My grandson who stays with us for a weekend about once a month has played WoW since he was old enough to reach the keyboard. He’s had a fascination with Deathknights since they we’re introduced in Wrath. He enjoys playing his level 72 goblin DK or a level 67 worgen DK.

While I like DKs I admit I’m guilty of never truly giving them much of a chance. Recently I saw a Night Elf DK with PINK hair which totally shocked me because pink is not one of the color selections in the barbershop. We actually had a conversation about the hair color because it turns out besides the gnomes only Night Elves can choose pink hair as a DK (on alliance). So of course I had to make a new one, meet my new DK Tyrinnia.

pink hair