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World of Warcraft: Gold Guide – 1 Million Gold Challenge

Arjadia’s Noobs guide: How to make Gold – From 1 silver to 1 Million Gold in 1 hour a day – 001

In this series Arjadia is going to look at how to go from a fresh character to a Million Gold in World of Warcraft in only 1 hour a day! Skip to 20 minute mark for What to buy! Follow along for easy tips to make money. In this episode we set up our character and talk about the simple vendor purchases to start with to turn Copper into Silver and even GOLD!

World of Warcraft: Gold Guide – Alchemy, Tailoring, & Leatherworking

Do you take advantage of the WoW Tokens?

I didn’t for quite some time, but I have learned the error of my ways! So these last six months I’ve kept my $30 and instead bought tokens for my game time.

With Legion just around the corner I’ve been pushing to finally save my first 1M gold (I’m slightly more than 50% of the way now) so when I hear about an easy gold making guide I rush out to check it out! Ok, so here’s an easy way to make gold flipping Alchemical Catalysts and True Iron Ore to Make Draenic Philosopher’s Stones in only a few minutes. Great for when your short only a few thousand gold to buy your next WoWToken.

Don’t have alchemy? Try this tailoring gold making guide, flipping Windwool Cloth.

Don’t have tailoring? Here’s a leatherworking gold making guide, flipping Exotic Leather.

Flipping Cooking Recipes for Profit

5 Best Cooking Recipes for Earning Auction House Gold in WoW – Updated August 2012

Since Wrath Of The Lich King expansion came out, cooking recipes have become a popular pipeline for gold making on World of Warcraft.

Although cooking recipes have always been a good gold maker with cross-faction trading, they are even more profitable now because a lot of players want to get the recipes for achievements. And since some of the recipes are hard to find, players tend to buy the recipes from the auction house instead of going looking for them.

To make the most gold out of your cooking recipes, you need to set up what Jonathan Kenins calls a “pipeline” for gold-making, which he talks about a lot in his top-rated video gold guide – The Massive Gold Blueprint.

How do you set up a profitable pipeline? The best way is to buy cheap recipes from vendors on the alliance side, and sell them to players on the horde side for a huge gold profit. Or vice versa … buy your recipes cheap from horde vendors, and sell for massive gold in the alliance auction house. Start with alliance only or horde only recipes for the most profit.

You can start with alliance only cooking recipes. Start in Stormwind, go to the inn in Old Town, upstairs is the master of cooking recipes, Kendor Kabonka. Buy:  Beer Basted Boar Ribs, Gooey Spider Cake, Westfall Stew, Crocolisk Gumbo, Blood Sausage, Redridge Goulash, Goretusk Liver Pie, Seasoned Wolf Kabob, and Murloc Fin Soup.

If you’re playing the horde side, look for horde only cooking recipes.Unlike alliance these recipes are scattered so you will be traveling.

First stop is Grimtak <Butcher> he can be found in Razor Hill Durotar. Buy: Scorpid Surprise

Fly to Crossroads find Tari’qa <Trade Supplies> across from the flight master and at the side of the inn. Buy: Strider Stew & Crispy Lizard Tail. Now find Zargh <Butcher> northeast of the inn. Buy: Hot Lion Chops

Fly to Brackenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh and find Ogg’marr <Butcher> (find him quickly by typing /tar Ogg into your chat) . Buy: Heavy Crocolisk Stew

Fly to Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore. Find Wunna Darkmane <Trade Goods> inside the largest tent in town, just slightly northwest of the Inn. She’ll be on your right side when you enter the door. Buy: Roasted Kodo Meat

Hearth or Fly to Orgrimmar, then take the Blimp to Undercity.

Jump on your flying mount and head over to Abigail Shiel <Trade Supplies> in Brill, Tirisfal Glades. She is now located inside the Inn, to the right when you enter. Buy: Crispy Bat Wing

Fly to Falconwing Square outside Silvermoon City. Landraelanis <Tradesman> can be found in the Falconwing Square Inn on the second floor. He is on the opposite side of the room of the cooking profession trainer. Buy: Lynx Steak

Fly to Tranquillien where you will find Master Chef Mouldier <Cooking Trainer & Supplies> standing just outside the Tranquillien inn, to the left. Buy: Bat Bites

The cooking recipes I mentioned are sold by vendors from the alliance side or the horde side, you can buy these recipes for a very low price. For example, the Cripsy Bat Wing which you buy from the vendor at 25c each, and then trade it cross-faction and sell it on the alliance side for 50g each. Just a couple more examples are Blood Sausage, Heavy Crocolisk Steak, and Succulent Pork Ribs which you can buy from vendors at a couple of silvers each, and then turn right around and sell them for 20g or more.

The way to earn a lot of gold with these recipes is by doing cross-faction trading. This method of cross-faction trading is something you will normally see in the Massive Gold Blueprint system. All you have to do is buy from one side, the horde side for example, and sell it on the alliance side. In order to do this, you will need to get two accounts, or a trading partner, because the auction house won’t let players trade between characters on the same account.

Start cross-faction trading by checking both the horde side and alliance side auction houses. Check if the items you want to sell are in the AH already, if they’re not, then all the better for you. You can set up your own pipeline and make a lot of gold because you know you won’t have any competition!

However, if you see the recipes that you have your eye on, up for sale in the auction house, check the prices and decide if it will be worth the time and effort to buy and sell this particular item. If a large profit is possible (20 gold or more) then go shopping with a bunch of empty bags and buy as much of each recipe as you can carry.

Create your auctions, and you’re set! You’re on your way to making huge amounts of gold!