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Transmog: Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye

Today we’re going to check out this armor set from Warlords of Draenor.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye is a leather armor set from the heroic version of Hellfire Citadel. This raid requires level 100 but even-so I would say this set should be quite “easy” to collect these days.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane's Eye

If you don’t care for the green version there is also a yellow version available in normal difficulty. Do you want to see this set on a different race, you can do that in The Dressing Room.

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Thursday’s Transmog: Sunwell Mage Regalia

Robes of Ghostly Hatred

[3D View] I LOVE all three of the cloth sets available in the Sunwell; Sunwell Priest VestmentsSunwell Warlock Raiment, and the one I’m featuring here Sunwell Mage Regalia.

Alternative items may include the Sunfire RobeSunfire HandwrapsInfernoweave BootsCincture of Polarity, and/or Girdle of Prophecy. Of course Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei  would be an appropriate staff for this transmog however Kil’jaeden has been holding out on me when it comes to my mage. But you might also like Staff of the Forest Lord, Crux of the Apocalypse, Muramasa, Book of Highborne Hymns. And these capes look quite smashing with this set as well; Drape of the Refreshing Winds and Sunglimmer Drape.

Thursday’s Transmog: Malfurion’s Vestments

Malfurion's Vestments of Conquest

[3D View] If your an Alliance leather wearer then your probably aware of the lovely Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain then again maybe not. However depending on your spec you may not have chosen this tunic as the quest reward, fear not. The next easiest way to get this model is by buying VanCleef’s Breastplate of Conquest with Justice Points here OR have a leatherworker make Knightbane Carapace OR go for the green (robe) version as I have on my Druid.