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Transmog Thursday: Hunter Sets

Let’s transmog our HUNTERS!

Luxeley presents Wow Legion – 5 Epic and Unique Hunter Xmogs Sets

Tweak your appearance with fiery and sexy Hunter xmog gear comprised from various pieces from different xpacs, including Vanilla Wow, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich Kind, Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and of course Legion.

I love the way he shows these sets on different models!! I personally like set #2!!

Jessiehealz presents Badass Hunter Transmog Sets #6 Guide (World of Warcraft)

10 cool Hunter gear sets for transmogrification on your characters! Enjoy the video/series? Feel free to drop a like or comment they help a lot and are always appreciated.

Jessiehealz You Tube channel is quite popular for making transmog set videos. So if these 10 sets don’t tickle your fancy be sure to check out the others. I’m kinda digging set #8 myself.

SignsOfKelani presents Top 10 Best Bows In World of Warcraft!

I’ve recently got into the transmog game and I can say with certainty that I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t seem to fit sets together nicely and finding the pieces is a pain in the butt, but I’ve decided one way to go about it is to work around a weapon! So to that end, we’re going to look at the top 10 bows I love from WoW! These are the bows I’d love to build sets around, but haven’t quite got that far yet!

OMG look at #3 Primal Gladiator’s Longbow what an awesome bow and in my favorite colors!!! BUT of course it’s NO LONGER AVAILABLE thanks SignsOfKelani for showing me a bow I can’t have!! HOWEVER .. there is a red/orange version (horde only) as well as a blue/teal version (alliance only) still available!

Comment below and share with your favorite hunter set. And remember I’m still looking for current url’s for xmog blogs & websites to update my list.

Another One Bites the Dust

Finished my rogue’s legendary cape quest a couple days ago making my fourth toon with the cloak. And today my hunter hit the runestone part of the quest chain after facing down Nalak. Here’s a video with tips on solo’n that monster.

One of my goals for ‘before’ WoD is too have all my level ninety’s wearing these legendary cloaks! My death knight and pally are both on Test of valor. My priest and warlock are both on the PVP part of the quest. Those damn PVP quest are enough to make me wanna rip my hair out!! On my server the alliance never wins or if they do it’s only after spending hours losing and getting lucky enough to finally get ONE win.

The easiest way to do the PVP quest is by using wargames. Basically you take ten people split into two teams of five. The group leaders must be on the same server. This way they are able to target each other and issue the wargame challenge. Now I’ve been told it might be possible to just meet in Stormwind for that but I haven’t tried it myself. So you go in and if you want quick and easy tell both teams yours just in it to win it — assign one team as the winning team and tell everyone no fighting. Simple right … well if you can find ten people and make them ALL understand that your friends are there to help not PVP!!

Rare Hunter Pet: Portent


I finally tamed Portent, thanx to Barla. I had been having issues finding the tracks and I think it maybe was a phasing issue but it’s all good now. In the mean time I spent a couple hours looking for some way to make tracking these rare hunter pets easier. Why can’t NPC_Scan Overlay have something similar for hunter rares huh!

Map – Rare Hunter Pet Portent

Tracking Portent

Tracking Rare Hunter Pet Portent

TomTom the add-on for adding and viewing way points on your map is a great way for tracking rare hunter pets. This add-on is super easy to use and I found this great tutorial already exist so no need to rehash the basic info. However it doesn’t actually give you the way points for this rare hunter pet (In this case Portent) nor does it explain how to add way points, so here goes.

Make a new macro then copy paste the full code into it, click save. Yes it will take seven new macros to complete the full way point path. Once you’ve saved all seven macro’s, pull them into a slot on your bar, and then click each one >> you can now see the path across your Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone map. Believe me, it could be worse, this is only a fraction of all the actual coordinates for each and every paw print Portent lays. I tried to keep it simple and lay out the basic path so watch closely for those tracks.

Macro #1
/way 14.4 27.6
/way 13.6 30.2
/way 12.8 30.2
/way 13.6 30.2
/way 12.8 31.6
/way 11.2 34.0
/way 11.8 33.2
/way 11.6 37.0
/way 13.0 36.8
/way 13.6 36.8
/way 13.6 38.4
/way 15.2 39.2
/way 16.8 37.6
/way 15.2 39.8
/way 15.0 43.0
/way 14.8 44.2
/way 14.6 47.2

Macro #2
/way 14.6 49.6
/way 14.8 52.0
/way 13.8 53.4
/way 15.6 53.8
/way 17.4 52.8
/way 18.4 52.4
/way 19.4 52.4
/way 20.2 53.0
/way 20.8 53.8
/way 21.6 55.4
/way 22.0 55.6
/way 24.0 55.8
/way 24.6 55.6
/way 25.8 58.2
/way 27.6 58.0
/way 29.2 59.8
/way 30.2 59.2

Macro #3
/way 30.8 58.0
/way 30.4 56.2
/way 31.4 53.8
/way 31.4 53.8
/way 33.2 53.6
/way 33.8 51.8
/way 33.6 51.0
/way 33.6 50.0
/way 32.6 48.4
/way 30.8 49.6
/way 30.2 49.6
/way 29.2 48.4
/way 27.8 45.6
/way 27.6 43.2
/way 28.6 39.2
/way 29.0 37.6
/way 28.8 35.0

Macro #4
/way 29.6 31.0
/way 30.4 27.8
/way 31.0 27.0
/way 32.4 26.2
/way 32.8 24.8
/way 34.2 25.8
/way 35.8 23.6
/way 34.4 28.4
/way 34.6 32.4
/way 35.6 33.0
/way 37.6 30.8
/way 37.8 30.2
/way 39.2 28.6
/way 40.4 29.8
/way 41.2 30.2
/way 42.4 31.2
/way 44.2 33.2

Macro #5
/way 45.8 33.0
/way 47.0 31.2
/way 49.2 30.2
/way 50.0 31.6
/way 49.8 32.8
/way 49.6 36.8
/way 49.6 38.0
/way 49.8 41.2
/way 50.6 42.4
/way 51.6 44.4
/way 52.2 45.6
/way 52.6 45.4
/way 53.4 47.2
/way 52.6 48.8
/way 52.0 52.2
/way 51.0 54.0
/way 50.6 58.2

Macro #6
/way 51.4 59.6
/way 52.6 59.8
/way 54.8 59.4
/way 56.4 60.6
/way 57.0 61 2
/way 57.8 60.8
/way 59.2 61.6
/way 61.2 62.0
/way 62.4 61.6
/way 63.6 60.2
/way 64.8 59.6
/way 66.0 56.4
/way 66.6 56.4
/way 68.0 55.4
/way 68.8 54.0
/way 67.8 53.2
/way 66.0 51.8

Macro #7
/way 65.4 49.4
/way 65.0 43.8
/way 65.6 42.8
/way 66.4 37.0
/way 67.0 38.0
/way 66.0 35.4
/way 66.6 31.6
/way 68.2 28.6
/way 69.0 26.8
/way 69.8 24.6
/way 70.0 23.4
/way 72.2 23.6
/way 73.6 24.0
/way 75.0 24.8
/way 76.4 26.2
/way 77.6 25.8
/way 78.6 25.0

Sylvanas Windrunner Transmog

My hunter needs a transmog and a few days ago I was visiting some blogs and saw a post for an NPC transmogrification of Sylvanas Windrunner. My attention is instantly captured, maybe I can do that.


I started by taking my hunter out to Sethekk Halls for the boots only after I got them I didn’t like them haha — instead I’m going with Skom Greaves. Next I ran Hellfire Ramparts and Blood Furnace five times which is all that’s allowed inside an hour. I was looking for a few pieces of the Felstone Mail set – all I got was the belt.

Next I got some guildies to run Ulduar with me — only Thorim was being stingy and did not drop the tier token I needed for the shoulders Valorous Scourgestalker Spaulders. Hopefully I can get a few more people together to try again this week and maybe we’ll have more time this next round so we can run the complete place. I should have let everyone know at least two people had time limits which is why we had to stop when we did. I feel bad now because I didn’t even think about it till it was too late and people we’re leaving. Especially Deathdriver who had only joined just before Thorim.

I went to Dalaren and traded some justice points to Arcanist Firael for Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Helm and Deadly Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets. I particularly like these gloves because they have a similar mesh pattern as the hood. I also traded Bragund Brightlink the one tier token I did get in Ulduar for Valorous Scourgestalker Legguards. I like this choice of legging because they look more blood red to me and I much like the patterns between these leggings/boots when compared to Sylvanas’s leggings/boots.

I do not have a matchy bow so I’m planning to pick up Charmed Ancient Bone Bow later today — I also have not settled on a chest piece or cape as of yet.

I’m also intrigued by these transmogs; Maiev Shadowsong & King Krush. I’m not posting a screenshot because right now it’s just so incomplete .. to be continued.

Last Piece of the Puzzle

Since my hunter is in The Jade Forest trying to track some rares I decided to pick up the level 90 quest Last Piece of the Puzzle which reveals the last jade panel but not before it’s too late to stop the destruction of Serpent’s Heart.

Cho appears and urgently requests the adventurer’s assistance at Cho’s family’s shrine. The Serpent’s Heart is under attack by the sha!

jade painting

Serpent’s Heart is a jade statue for the Jade Serpent in Jade Forest. Nearly complete, it has taken three generations of stonecarvers a century to get to this point. Around the great statue is an orange grove. The statue, when completed, will be used by Yu’lon to transfer her life essence into it in order to have a new guardian born.

Before it was completed, however, the site turned into a battleground between the Alliance-aligned jinyu and the Horde-aligned hozen. The violence and hatred quickly broke the seal that the statue protected releasing the sha and destroying the great statue in the process. After the dust cleared it is revealed that everyone that was at the site either died or was knocked unconscious.

Did anyone else feel crap for playing either Alliance or Horde after this cinematic?

Yes! Totally yes, it made me feel like crap, an invader in this beautiful land to the point I think I lost (some) respect for the alliance. I’ve never considered alliance invaders or people who don’t care about who or what they destroy — I’ve always reserved that opinion for the horde.

Serpents Heart
Serpents Heart

Admiral Taylor
Admiral Taylor