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Hearthstone Toy Macro

If you’ve been collecting the new hearthstone toys I’m betting you would enjoy being able to use them all — well there’s a ‘macro’ for that …. actually there’s a couple ways you can do this.

Hearthstone Toy Macro #1

In your Toy UI (SHIFT+P) set the hearthstones you want to use as favorites (right click on the toys and choose favorite). Load up your game, click esc on your keyboard, select Macros, click new, and name your new macro. Copy the code below, paste it into the macro box, and save.

#showtooltip Hearthstone
/run local f,t=RnT or CreateFrame("Button","RnT",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate") f:SetAttribute("type","item") t=GetItemInfo(C_ToyBox.GetToyFromIndex(random(5))) f:SetAttribute("item",t) print("Casting:",t)
/click RnT

You will need to change the number 5 in the code above to the number of hearthstones YOU marked as favorite in your toy UI.

I use the second way to macro my hearthstones because I have more than just hearthstone toys favorited in my toy UI.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hearthstones-1024x520.jpg

Hearthstone Toy Macro #2

This macro will need to be edited dependent on which hearthstones you have collected. This macros uses the toy IDs and I’ve listed them below.

#showtooltip Hearthstone
/castrandom 64488, 162973, 163045, 165669
  • Innkeeper’s Daughter = 64488
  • Greatfather Winter = 162973
  • Headless Horseman = 163045
  • Lunar Elder = 165669
  • Peddlefeet = 165670
  • Noblegarden = 165802 (NOT yet in game)
  • Midsummer = 166746 (NOT yet in game)
  • Brewfest = 166747 (NOT yet in game)

If you have issues with the /castrandom macro try removing an ID one at a time until you find the one causing the issue.

And IF you know of any other way to setup a macro (or if you hear of an addon) to use a random hearthstone comment below and let me know.