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Transmog Thursday: Paladin Sets

We’re dressing up the Paladins today!

Jessiehealz presents 10 Skimpy Paladin Sets #2 (World of Warcraft)

I love the color combo of set #2 maybe it’s because I don’t really use a lot of red with my usual xmogs – I also liked #3 and #4.  These 10 custom transmog sets for Paladins are for those of you who like to show a little flesh.

Jo Pro presents WoW Top 10 Paladin Transmog Sets

That Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King is AWEsome but only available from the Black Market AH. As an alliance gal myself I like the look of set #6 but then again purple is my fav color so #7 gets my vote as well.  Enjoy these 10 Top Paladin Transmogs by Jo Pro.

Xidon presents 10 Awesome Paladin Transmog Sets (World of Warcraft)</3>

I like the look of set #2 myself but I must say those shoulders on #7 I really like. Enjoy these 10 Awesome Paladin Transmogs by Xidon.

Jessiehealz presents 10 Badass Male Paladin Transmog Sets #1 (World of Warcraft)

Personally I really liked #1 and I think #7 has real possibilities! This is a World of Warcraft guide on how to locate & obtain 10 cool male paladin gear sets for transmogrification on your characters, Item details included. I hope you don’t mind the similarities with the female version, enjoy!

Comment below and share with us your favorite paladin set. And remember If you have a xmog blog or youtube channel comment below, maybe we’ll feature you next.

Soloing the Spirit of the Storm Lord

If your a regular visitor here then you know I’ve been slowly working thru my harem of toons collecting the legendary cloaks – seven completed thus far. Early this week I got my death knight thru the ‘Spirit of the Stormlord’ portion of the legendary quest-line and now just today my paladin.

Now so far I’ve found it fairly simple to solo this quest on most toons but for my ret paladin it wasn’t so easy. The objection is to thrust a spear into world boss Nalak and stay alive long enough to complete the quest. I used the tips in the video below, it took a few tries to get the Shado-Pan to engage Nalak and I did have to throw the spear a 2nd time after getting clear of the Throne of Thunder entrance. Nalak despawned after killing all the Shado-Pan and my killing off the spirit simply completed the quest.

How to solo nalak, for the legendary questline.

To see video links for solo’n Spirit of the Storm Lord for other classes check out the following post. [Shaman] [Hunter] [Priest] [Warlock]