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Raiding with Leashes VI: Pets of Pandaria

The next installment of Raiding with Leashes is available on the PTR this week. In this round we’ll be collecting 11 new battle pets from Mogu’shan Vaults, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear – no word as of yet on which difficulties will be required.

Mogu’shan Vaults

– The Stone Guard


Wayward Spirit
– Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

Wayward Spirit

– Elegon


– Qin-xi


Terrace of Endless Spring

Azure Windseeker
– Tsulong

Azure Windseeker

Spirit of the Spring
– Lei Shi

Spirit of the Spring

Heart of Fear

– Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Kor’thik Swarmling

– Blade Lord Ta’yak

Amberglow Stinger

Spawn of Garalon
– Garalon

Spawn of Garalon

Living Amber
– Amber-Shaper Un’sok

Living Amber

Ravenous Prideling
– Grand Empress Shek’zeer

Ravenous Prideling

This thing is equally as evil as it is adorable.

AND by collecting all eleven of the pets listed above you receive the Sha of Happiness.

The images used in this post are not mine and are credited to both Wowhead and Icy-Veins.

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Scouting Report

Questing through The Jade Forest on my horde Priest this afternoon I happened upon the the quest line for Scouting Report. It’s similar to the alliance version but not as fun unless you find Riko as funny as I did. Riko appears to be the equivalent of the alliance’s Sully “The Pickle” McLeary whose pretty dang entertaining.

Below Riko has just saved Kiryn (horde version of Rell Nightwind) from a Jinyu & alliance ambush. Once he’s rescued her he decides he needs a reward, a kiss to be exact. So she replies in kind and removes her mask where he gets a good look at her and realizes she’s undead – haha. Needless to say he no longer wants that kiss!

Scouting Report

A short time later Kiryn is netted while setting off some nasty explosives in Pearlfin Village and guess who comes to her rescue – Riko, whose apparently had a change of heart! Cracked me UP!

Like Jinyu in a Barrel

Stage Five: A Bold Idea

Stage Five opens with a new solo scenario to break into the palace shipyard. For ranged it’ll be relatively quick and for some people who have never played a rogue maybe even fun.

Zandalari warships plunder the seas around this island. They ferry in soldiers and war beasts from Zandalar to bolster Lei Shen’s army. If we can capture the palace shipyard, the Thunder King’s supply line will be cut off, and your foothold here will be secure. I have a plan to do just that, and it won’t take an entire army.

Stage Five

Once again you start off flying Thunderwing killing Zandalari trolls on flying mounts. Then your continue flying and use smoke bombs to disable sentry totems. What your trying to do is create a “path” to use later on.

Stage Five Sabotage

Next you will follow Taoshi and Sap some Zandalari with your “special button”. I had issues with this because I didn’t have a button popup for a while and then when it did appear it would disappear again, frustrating. The ones you are supposed to disable are marked. And If you lose your stealth Taoshi puts down a purple smoke you can run in and re-stealth.

You will follow Taoshi down to Captain Halu’kal who you will kill. He has two special attacks, a frontal smash, which is visible on the ground as a dusty cone, run away to avoid it. The other is a dark red pool, Bubbling Brew, does periodical frost damage if you stand in it, so move out. Each pool he creates remains there during the fight. Drunken trolls may join the fight, but they move slowly, so let them be and focus on Halu’kal. Taoshi puts recuperate on you if you get lowish on health. If you do happen to die, don’t release. Taoshi will finish him off and you will rez at the docks to continue on.

Stage Five Hu-Seng The Gatekeeper

Navigate up to the skull on map to Hu’seng the Gatekeeper. You might have to walk through some of the sentry totem cyan circles (this is why you threw down the smoke bombs in the beginning). If you need to walk through a circle do it quickly to avoid the beam.

Attack Hu’seng the Gatekeeper use cooldowns, at some point he chains you down, hit the chain to escape. Near the end of the fight lightning bolts will hit the ground, leaving a blue mark where they hit. If you stay within the blue mark, you will get periodical nature damage inflicted, so move out of them. Loot the orb. Open the gate. You’re done!

Stage Five Gate

Stage Four: To The Skies!

Moving right along …. Stage Four of The Thunder Isle. It’s pretty kool that the first part of this next solo scenario is fought while riding the pterodactyl collected during a daily in the last stage which Jiana tells you is protected from the thunder so it’s safe to ride. Well I remember the first flight onto this island didn’t end so well so I would hope this one is safe!

Isle of Thunder Stage Four

First thing is to mount up on Thunderwing, he begins to fly towards the newly opened zone and at some point trolls arrive, flying next to you. You target the trolls mount and press the big button in the middle of the screen. Now you’ve jumped onto the trolls mount where you kill him and from there you auto jump from troll to troll and kill them all.


After killing all the Zandalari you click the big button again to jump back to Thunderwing, you land, and prepare to fight Beastmaster Horaki — a dual axe wielding hunter.


Once he’s dead you turn and meet Taoshi at the blocked cave entrance. She blows the cave entrance you enter and take the first right. It’s worth noting that the slaves will run away once there slaver is dead so no need to kill them.


There are some mogu electrocutioners on the way, after you kill them, a blue sphere will be over their body, walk over it to get a buff, which increases haste with 10% and lasts 6 sec, this buff stacks up to 10 times increases gradually up to 2 minutes. Down the path in the cave is the second and last “boss”, Slavemaster Shiaxu.

It’s interesting to look around the Violet Rise as it’s evolved through the stages, it’s not much just slight changes really.

Violet Rise
Stable Master

The Fall of Ga’trul

After completing the quest The Fall of Ga’trul (again) on my shammy it struck me how different the alliance quest is to the horde counterpart which I guess I didn’t take screenshots of — dang it.

Sully says: Alright lass. We’ve taken enough jabs at this warlock army… now it’s time to cut off the head. Ga’trul’s back there, in that big ol’ temple ruin. Give him a good what-for, and the Horde will have lost its last stake here in Pandaria.


Rell Nighwind says: King’s mercy – what happened here? What WAS that thing?
Taran Zhu says: Your foe was overwhelmed by a dark energy we call the “Sha.” It thrives on negative emotions, such as doubt.
Taran Zhu says: It has been many years since I have seen it manifest so dramatically.


Rell Nighwind says: I am not surprised. The Horde are monsters!
Rell Nighwind says: We are here on a peaceful rescue mission – will you help us?
Taran Zhu says: I have seen your Sky-fortress. Your people have an interesting notion of “peace.”
Rell Nighwind says: Left to their own devices, the Horde will overwhelm your land. Will you not help us fight them?
Taran Zhu says: We are not afraid to fight. Our warriors, while few in numer, are extremely skilled.
Taran Zhu says: But we will not participate in this… genocidal… bloodbath of yours.
Taran Zhu says: Your conflict will have immense consequences here. Do NOT bring your war to these shores!

I definitely find it fascinating when I notice things like this, have you found any quest differences that stood out to you between both horde and alliance versions?

The Crumbled Chamberlain

Have you found the Royal Chamberlains head?

You there! Assist me. In life I was the Royal Chamberlain for his majesty, the Thunder King. For my dedication, I was condemned to this stone form, forever forced to watch over a portion of his wealth. Someone has desecrated my glorious body and sent pieces of it across the island. The thought of spending an eternity as nothing more than a head depresses me. Search the island, recover these pieces and I shall grant you one of his majesty’s treasures.

The Crumbled Chamberlain1

There are four items spread in four  areas around the Isle of Thunder. They aren’t always in the same spot and can sometimes be a little difficult to make your way to such as on top of a tent or on top of a mountain. They have a gear over the top of the item so they should be relatively easy to spot, even if they aren’t as easy to get to. You will see a gear icon on your mini map when you are near the object.

The Royal Chamberlain whispers: I have seen saurok with more fighting panache than what you have just displayed.

Upon completion, you’ll need to visit the Chamberlain’s broken statue in a cave beneath the Court of Bones. The entrance can be found on the beach (33.6 63.1)

You will receive: 19g 84s 50c
Shan’ze Ritual Stone

The Royal Chamberlain whispers: Enough dilly dallying supplicant! I demand you assemble my body.

Completing the quest in 10 minutes grants the achievement The Crumble Bundle.

The Royal Chamberlain whispers: I survived for hundreds of years during Thunder King’s reign. Do you know how? By not keeping my masters waiting!

If your a TomTom add-on user here are the macro’s for the way points.

/way 33.52, 59,98 Torso – On outside wall of building
/way 34.90, 66.30 Torso – Back of the large building Mumta spawns atop of
/way 34.45, 59.92 Torso – On outside wall of building
/way 36.28, 48.87 Torso – On Floor

/way 45.50, 84.36 Shoulder – On Top of Mountain
/way 50.93, 85.38 Shoulder – On Top of Mountain
/way 52.27, 72.78 Shoulder – On Top of Mountain
/way 53.80, 76.28 Shoulder – On Top of Mountain
/way 47.90, 83.04 Shoulder – On Top of Mountain

/way 39.10, 73.52 Staff – On Top of Tent
/way 36.91, 75.61 Staff – On Side of Mountain
/way 35.97, 75.22 Staff – On Top of Tent
/way 33.67, 67.09 Staff – On top of tent above Cauldron
/way 37.79, 79.17 Staff – On Side of Mountain

/way 53.26, 43.09 Hair – On top of Wall
/way 53.04, 45.63 Hair – On Top of Tent round back on the rim
/way 59.48, 56.80 Hair – In Tent Behind Spiritbinder Tu’Chek
/way 50.14, 40.84 Hair – On Ground
/way 51.12, 31.26 Hair – On Top of Mountain