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Gold Making Tips: Ulduar

Do you have Herbalism as a profession? Do you have the [ Mimiron’s Head ] mount, do you want it? Do you enjoy transmog farming?

Today’s gold tip is about the legacy raid, Ulduar.

I could be wrong but it seems like very few people know that XT-002 drops 700+ gold but ONLY if you go slow enough and kill his heart AND all three Elders (the optional tree bosses) in The Conservatory of Life (Freya’s room) also drop over 700 gold each when you kill them.¬† Now that’s a good bit of raw gold for running a raid as old as Ulduar and that’s just for these three mini-bosses. Looting everything and selling off all the loot you can’t use can easily make this raid worth¬† 3.5K plus per run.

Herbing the WHOLE room, including mobs, can give you a load of Northern herbs. AND if you use the Darkmoon Firewater potion you can double time that herb picking and get em’ picked much quicker.

IF you don’t kill Freya and instead go outside and reset the instance, you can then come back in and kill Freya’s trash again, and again — the Elders do not re-spawn, but the trash does. Besides being able to herb most of this trash again you might just find this a good way to farm those zone drops if your into collecting transmog.

Northern Herbs

Now you might be thinking, WHY? Those are old herbs are not worth my time. BUT they are still valuable to Scribes. Scribes need these old herbs to make Inks for Glyphs.

NOTE you can mount up in Freya’s room so take advantage of your vendor mount here and clean out your bags.

And for all you Collectors out there.


If your a transmog collector I can promise you there’s a ton of armor and weapons to collect here. To start let me just say, If you don’t already have it install the add-on ALL THE THINGS. But I warn you using this mod is addicting. If your not already OCD about collecting everything, you will be once you start using this awesome add-on.

When you zone into the raid it will show you a list of everything, seriously everything, available in this raid that you don’t have yet.

Ulduar green BOE drops are plentiful, again they aren’t worth much (if anything) on my server but your xmog market could be much different. You may want to check the disenchant value on items before vendoring them.

Battle Pets

Did You Know? There are several battle pets associated with the [Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King] achievement that come out of Ulduar. On my server they aren’t worth much gold, but they could be worth more on your server.

How to Solo Farm Mimiron’s Head Mount

For a chance to collect Mimiron’s Head (mount) you first speak to Lore Keeper of Norgannon upon entering Ulduar to start the fight.

Once the vehicles are activated jump into a Salvaged Demolisher and proceed straight to Flame Leviathan, skipping all the towers.

Do NOT use Hurl Pyrate Barrel (#2 button) on your way to the first boss. Use only your #1 and #3 buttons to clear the mobs attacking you.

When the boss fight starts drop all your Hurl Pyrate Barrel stacks on him by spamming your #2 button while in your vehicle. If that’s not enough to kill him a couple #1 buttons will quickly finish the job.

You must also kill XT, Hodir, Thorim, Freya, Auriya, and Mimiron. Then use the teleportation pad to go to The Shattered Walkway on your way to The Ancient Gate of the Keepers which has just been unlocked.

Do NOT activate any guardians. Now finish up the raid by killing General Vezax and finally Yogg. Good Luck on your mount!

If you want to complete the Ulduar achievements check out this Wowhead comment. Also, each boss has a chance to drop a Fragment of Val’anyr, which are needed in order to reconstruct Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Have FUN!!

WELL … Indeed it appears more people than I had thought are quite aware that you can pick up 700+ gold from these old raid bosses. So what happened is a couple days after I scheduled this post I saw a new video going around discussing this very topic. Fingers Crossed, let’s hope the gold loots don’t get nerfed in Ulduar!

Did you know the Elders dropped so much raw gold? Got a gold tip to share? You can find me both on Twitter & Facebook.

Weekly Review: In Pictures!

Once upon a time Barla and I used to spend nearly every Sunday morning running (sometimes for hours and hours) old content. Somewhere back before the last holidays we got busy with all that you know holiday stuff and our fun Sundays just sorta slipped on by without any shenanigans. But recently we decided to rectify that by adding Retro Sundays to our guilds weekly calendar! Yay!

Auriaya Nine Lives

Above: Quite awhile back we tried to complete Nine Lives and neither one of us can remember why or how but we failed miserably. Whatever, because this week we had some sweet revenge, Nine Lives (10) is ours and next week we’ll hit Nine Lives (25).

Below: This is what happens if you duo Yogg-Saron and only one person makes it inside the brain room portals and then goes Insane. By this time Yogg has already berserk-ed and yet I’m still being grasped by that constrictor tentacle.

yogg berserk

We did some quick reading but the only things we found for a druid to use to get lose from a constrictor tentacle was by using (unglyphed) Starfall and Hurricane neither of which helped us at that moment.

How to get out of a constrictor tentacle grasp: You need an ability that doesn’t require facing directions or an AoE Spell you can cast while (or before) getting captured.

  • Mage: Use arcane explosion. Have your Water Elemental directly attack the tentacle. Try Ice Block.
  • Priest: Use Shadow Word Pain.
  • Warlock: Have your Demon directly attack the tentacle.
  • Druid: Use (unglyphed) Starfall and Hurricane. Try Thrash.
  • Monk: Use Spinning Crane Kick.
  • Rogue: Use Fan of Knives.
  • Hunter: Use Explosive Trap. Have your Pet directly attack the tentacle.
  • Shaman: Use Earthquake. Have your Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, or Primal Elemental directly attack the tentacle. Using (talent) totemic projection move a magma totem under the tentacle. Try Thunderstorm.
  • Paladin: Use Judgement
  • Death Knight: Use Death n Decay and Blood Boil. Have your Ghoul directly attack the tentacle.
  • Warrior: Use Whirlwind.

If you know of any other ways to get lose from constrictor tentacles comment below and let me know, thanx!

I know that’s not much for a week in pictures but apparently my screenshot finger isn’t working properly!