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Warcraft Trading Post is Back Online – Sort Of …

Warcraft Trading Post
Dust Bunnies (or dust bunnies) are small clumps of dust that form under furniture and in corners that are not cleaned regularly.

I’ve changed hosting companies and have encountered a few issues recovering my website. Specifically there’s about ten years worth of entries making the site file sizes quite large. Much larger than what can easily be recovered, apparently.

So after a couple of days trying to find a work-around to the situation I’ve finally reconciled myself that it’s pretty hopeless and I’ll have to either start from scratch or take what I’ve got and move on.

Luckily, I did have an export file of all my previous post here but it only imported the text so while I have the images that we’re attached to those post – they aren’t showing in the post anymore. I’ll have to edit each and every single post in order to fix the missing images — sad face. But I think at this point I’m just happy to have anything because not all my sites we’re even this lucky.

OK so let’s be honest, WTP (Warcraft Trading Post) has been over run with more than a few dust bunnies! Many of my guides are either very outdated or just plain defunct now especially with all the other great WoW sites out there offering bigger and better versions of basically the same information.

Maybe, just maybe, not being able to do a full recovery is a good thing. Because now I’ll HAVE TO do some cleaning up!! Stay tuned …